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Most Popular Australian Dog Names 2014

As many of you know, my human Mum has taken photos of about 600 dogs in our suburb of Subiaco Western Australia. She worked out that the most common names were Bella and Molly for girl dogs, and Max for a boy dog There was an enormous range of individual names that clever parents had made up.

When you decided to take care of a little puppy, or a give a refuge doggie a new permanent home, you need to think carefully about his or her name.The name needs to be easy to call, not too common and with not so many letters that it can’t fit on his or her collar. And, of course, it will be best if it means something to you.

My name KoKo has a personal complex tale behind it. As My mum was scared of dogs all her life, so she thought about what to call me for a long time. See and enter KoKo’s name in the Search Bar for more of my story.

The company BowWowMeow has just released the list of the top ten names for dogs for 2014. On reading it on IdPets Web site Mum found that she was right!

Bella hit the top spot for the most popular dog name in 2014 and Molly was third. Coco was also common. That is why when Mum introduces me she always says “I’d like you to meet KoKo. We spell this with a “K” because he is a boy dog.

Mum was right again with Max being the most popular boy’s name and Charlie second..There were also lots of Buddys, Oscars, Jacks, Archies and Harrys .

Thanks to ID Pet for providing the information – Personalised Pet products for dogs

Koko glamour boy
Koko glamour boy


I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

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