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Food in Subiaco – Tommy Sugo’s Cafe

Guess what my Mum and I found on our evening Friday night walk around Subiaco? A new night cafe just three blocks from my home.

Why am I excited?


It has outside tables

They brought me out some clean cool water

The chef apparently cooks lovely healthy pastas (Mum wouldn’t let me try any as she said it would be too spicy for my little sensitive tummy.)

The staff are friendly

I was allowed to do my job as the official Subiaco cafe dog cleaner upper.

Now we get to the best bit – as I’d been so well behaved Mum gave me some of Tommy Sugo’s special gelato. It was the most creamy tasty gelato I have ever had. Wow, it was yummy!

I even got to lick out the cup! 😃

If you are looking for it, during the day the cafe is Stimulatte in Hay St,


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