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Clean, fluffy and smelling beautifully

A few weeks ago my Mum was invited to accept some bath care products for me to try. As you know, I love to roll in duck poo at Subiaco Common which makes my apricot coat very smelly. Some new shampoo seemed a good idea.

Yesterday a box turned up at our house. I  felt excited when Mum told me that it had my name (Mr KoKo Dog) on it. Mum let me rip it open.

I was initially disappointed at the lack of food smells but then Mum told me what it was. Four bottles of Underwater Dog Shampoo, conditioner, detangler and shine. We were both delighted.

My Prize - Underwater Dog Bath Care Products
My Prize – Underwater Dog Bath Care Products
Post bath Clean
Post bath Clean

So ………..this afternoon, after several plays in Richard Diggins Park with the kids, it was time for a bath.

Now that I am nine I still don’t like baths but I behave for Mum as I love feeling clean afterwards, and I know she will let me curl up on the couch with her when I smell nice.

Thank You Ralphie at Underwater Dog Company