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It’s a boring day

KoKo hiding under bed
KoKo hiding under bed







My mum has been at work since 7am and I’m bored.

It is nearly  ten hours since she gave me a cuddle.

I’ve slept then watched the street for her, slept a bit more, then had a cool drink of water.

I’ve barked at a few dog mates walking past, and of course the postman.

I’ve let myself be cuddled by a few school kids on their way home, which was nice.

A few times I’ve slid under the side security gate, padded down the sideway and squeezed my furry body through my secret doggie door.

Once inside, I thought about finding something to rip up but then realised I am a cute little Maltese Shih Tzu,  not an angry Labrador, so it would really not be appropriate.

Instead, after a little wander around the kitchen, my brain cells start working – Ping!

I saw where Mum put that bag of special treats last night. I’m sure she won’t notice if I help myself.

Oohh, Maybe that was not a good idea. I feel awful, my tummy is overwhelmed.

Now i know why Mum only gives me little bits of treats.

I think I might hide under the bed until I feel better,

Sad Woofs from KoKo

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Tips on washing your dog so that you are still friends after.

KoKo's Bath at Barks in the Park
KoKo’s Bath at Barks in the Park








I found an informative article on the Underwater Dogs Blog today.

As you know from my earlier blogs, I don’t like having a bath. But with my adventurous nature and love of duck poo perfume from Subiaco Common, I’ve learned to just give in to the event, and not run away like I did when I was little.

These are a few of the clever hints that Underwater Dog Blogger Baccarat suggested I give to my Mum.

  • A Non-Slip Mat helps me more secure in the bath
  • If you mix some shampoo with water in a squishy bottle then it is easy to distribute evenly and means Mum does not have to keep getting more shampoo from the bottle.
  • I know you try not to get water in my ears Mum but Baccarat says you could put some cotton wool balls in to help keep them drier. This sounds a good idea to me.
  • When you clean my dirty paws, ears and bottom you might need to use shampoo straight from the bottle. The lovely Underwater Dogs shampoo takes all the smell away.
  • Mum, please don’t forget to use warm water and to start at my tail end before doing my sensitive face.
  • Of course you must not forget to rinse the shampoo thoroughly.
  • Always have a good supply of treats please, then I’ll be very good and won’t throw too much water over you.
  • Don’t forget to allow plenty of time for the massage.  Mmmmm, I just melt inside when you do those deep strokes down my back. Thank you Mum.
  • I prefer it when you dry me with an absorbent towel as the hairdryer is a bit noisy.
  • I might not like the process but I know you love how clean and shiny I look afterwards

Woofs Mum

Love from KoKo

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Dog Mysteries 2 “Why are our noses wet?”

Licking my Nose
Licking my Nose

Why do you check if your dog’s nose is wet or dry? Do you believe the myth that it reflects my health? As Cesar Milan points out on his website, my nose’s moisture level is more about my activities on that day.

When I shove  my cold wet nose against my Mum’s face, I hope she thinks it’s wonderful and endearing. But does she really want my slimy nose in her face? Does she wonder where it been in the hours she was at work?

Although my nose seems to work perfectly fine dry, my nose cells secrete mucus when I am reading a WeeMail or following a complicated scent. The moisture helps my nose cells absorb the chemicals so I can identify a smell more efficiently.

I also lick my nose a lot – a nose get dirty when it is scrounging around the edges of a food bowl or following a rat’s scent in the garden. According to Cesar Milan, licking also helps the olfactory glands on the roof of my mouth to sample the scents as they dissolve.

Now that I think about it, I can tell you other reasons for why my nose is moist. A wet nose helps me cool down on hot days while shoving my nose into dewy grass on a frosty morning makes me feel alive.

My Nifty Nose
My Nifty Nose

A dry nose doesn’t mean I am sick. My nose temperature and moisture level fluctuate. It might be wet in the morning, dry at noon, and slimy in the evening (just in time to give Mum a kiss when she gets home!)

Woofs from KoKo

For more info on dog noses read:

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A Hot Summer Poem by KoKo Shakespaw

A Hot Summer Poem

Hot air

Scorched grass

Scratchy weeds

Of summer, not past


Baking in an oven

Slinking in the shade

Wanting to discover

Cool water to wade.


Bright glare

Sweaty sleep

Dry Mouth

Poor burnt little feet!


Mum, can we please go down

To the cool of Cottesloe beach?

KoKo Beach
KoKo at North Cottesloe Beach
KoKo Cottesloe Beach
KoKo Cottesloe Beach
KoKo enjoying the Beach
KoKo enjoying the Beach
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At the Pearly Gates

When I heard that Pope Francis (2014) had decreed that dogs are allowed in heaven I thought about writing a poem. My thanks go to my mate Koko red dog who wrote something very similar which I have part plagiarised. The poem is set somewhere in the future.

I stand at the gates of heaven

Making a fearful din

“I know my mum is in there ” I say

” You’d better let me in”


For years I’ve roamed Subiaco

From Rokeby Road to Townshend

Now that I have traced her to your gate

“You’d better let me in”


I’ve made friends with people who fed me

and those who took me into their home

to keep my little tummy full

and ensure I was not alone


I think I’ve done with walking

I’m tired and need a rest

I want my Mum to pat me,

in the haven of heaven would be best.