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Dog Mysteries 2 “Why are our noses wet?”

Licking my Nose
Licking my Nose

Why do you check if your dog’s nose is wet or dry? Do you believe the myth that it reflects my health? As Cesar Milan points out on his website, my nose’s moisture level is more about my activities on that day.

When I shove  my cold wet nose against my Mum’s face, I hope she thinks it’s wonderful and endearing. But does she really want my slimy nose in her face? Does she wonder where it been in the hours she was at work?

Although my nose seems to work perfectly fine dry, my nose cells secrete mucus when I am reading a WeeMail or following a complicated scent. The moisture helps my nose cells absorb the chemicals so I can identify a smell more efficiently.

I also lick my nose a lot – a nose get dirty when it is scrounging around the edges of a food bowl or following a rat’s scent in the garden. According to Cesar Milan, licking also helps the olfactory glands on the roof of my mouth to sample the scents as they dissolve.

Now that I think about it, I can tell you other reasons for why my nose is moist. A wet nose helps me cool down on hot days while shoving my nose into dewy grass on a frosty morning makes me feel alive.

My Nifty Nose
My Nifty Nose

A dry nose doesn’t mean I am sick. My nose temperature and moisture level fluctuate. It might be wet in the morning, dry at noon, and slimy in the evening (just in time to give Mum a kiss when she gets home!)

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