Tips on washing your dog so that you are still friends after.

KoKo's Bath at Barks in the Park

KoKo’s Bath at Barks in the Park








I found an informative article on the Underwater Dogs Blog today.

As you know from my earlier blogs, I don’t like having a bath. But with my adventurous nature and love of duck poo perfume from Subiaco Common, I’ve learned to just give in to the event, and not run away like I did when I was little.

These are a few of the clever hints that Underwater Dog Blogger Baccarat suggested I give to my Mum.

  • A Non-Slip Mat helps me more secure in the bath
  • If you mix some shampoo with water in a squishy bottle then it is easy to distribute evenly and means Mum does not have to keep getting more shampoo from the bottle.
  • I know you try not to get water in my ears Mum but Baccarat says you could put some cotton wool balls in to help keep them drier. This sounds a good idea to me.
  • When you clean my dirty paws, ears and bottom you might need to use shampoo straight from the bottle. The lovely Underwater Dogs shampoo takes all the smell away.
  • Mum, please don’t forget to use warm water and to start at my tail end before doing my sensitive face.
  • Of course you must not forget to rinse the shampoo thoroughly.
  • Always have a good supply of treats please, then I’ll be very good and won’t throw too much water over you.
  • Don’t forget to allow plenty of time for the massage.  Mmmmm, I just melt inside when you do those deep strokes down my back. Thank you Mum.
  • I prefer it when you dry me with an absorbent towel as the hairdryer is a bit noisy.
  • I might not like the process but I know you love how clean and shiny I look afterwards

Woofs Mum

Love from KoKo

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2 thoughts on “Tips on washing your dog so that you are still friends after.

  1. Koko, you are one very spoilt Celebrity Dog. Your Beautiful Mum spoils you rotten, I reckon that if you got a sore Paddy, Mummy would give you perfect treatment to fix it. Your Mum gives wonderful massages to restore the body and the soul.

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