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It’s a boring day

KoKo hiding under bed
KoKo hiding under bed







My mum has been at work since 7am and I’m bored.

It is nearly  ten hours since she gave me a cuddle.

I’ve slept then watched the street for her, slept a bit more, then had a cool drink of water.

I’ve barked at a few dog mates walking past, and of course the postman.

I’ve let myself be cuddled by a few school kids on their way home, which was nice.

A few times I’ve slid under the side security gate, padded down the sideway and squeezed my furry body through my secret doggie door.

Once inside, I thought about finding something to rip up but then realised I am a cute little Maltese Shih Tzu,  not an angry Labrador, so it would really not be appropriate.

Instead, after a little wander around the kitchen, my brain cells start working – Ping!

I saw where Mum put that bag of special treats last night. I’m sure she won’t notice if I help myself.

Oohh, Maybe that was not a good idea. I feel awful, my tummy is overwhelmed.

Now i know why Mum only gives me little bits of treats.

I think I might hide under the bed until I feel better,

Sad Woofs from KoKo