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I’m famous on dog blogs! KoKo

 As you know I don’t like to boast but …………… My blog has appeared second on the list of:

“24 Aussie Pet Blogs and Sites You Should be Reading” on PET SECURE’S Blog.

People are recognising my talent.

Here is what the Pet Secure web site says:

“Koko’s Dog Blog is a touching and humorous page

that tells the stories of Koko and his everyday adventures

in Subiaco Western Australia – from a dog’s perspective of course!”

They list some other interesting sites I might check out.

KoKo at work blogging

KoKo at work blogging

3 thoughts on “I’m famous on dog blogs! KoKo

  1. queentimely

    That is just fantastic, Koko, and richly deserved. I’m so happy for you and your wonderful Mum. She must be so very proud of you. I know she is. Love, Amy

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