Is your doggie drinking enough water?

KoKo drinking at the park

KoKo drinking at the park

PetSafe® released an article today stating how many naughty dog parents there are. This is the gist of their tale.

“A worrying new survey of more than 750 Aussie pet owners revealed only one in five know how much water us furry friends require. Parched pooches will even drink toilet water to ease their thirst”

If I look lethargic with sunken eyes, and refuse even my favourite treat – I am probably dehydrated. Panting is a sign that I am too hot or anxious.

About 80% of NT dog parents packed a drink when out for “Walkies”, compared to Western Australia’s parents of whom only 27% took water!!!

The main concern is that 80% of a dog’s body is water, compared to 60% of a human’s body. If you feel thirsty and wish you had brought a water, imagine what I feel like!

About 80ml of water per kilogram (That is nearly 1.5 litres for me Mum!) per day and doubled in warmer climates,” Ms Critchley said.

If you want me to avoid getting a urinary tract infection, kidney disease or even dying from dehydration.

All doggie parents, please be proactive and place bowls of water in several locations, or install a pet drinking fountain, so that I have access to clean, fresh water all the time

Thank you KoKo Harry Potter

Koko cool drink at the beach

KoKo’s cool drink at the beach

2 thoughts on “Is your doggie drinking enough water?

  1. That’s really interesting! I didn’t know dogs needed more water than humans! I recently bought a travel water bottle with built-in trough for the dogs. I got it for camping but I’m going to be using it on long walks and daytrips too 🙂


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