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A KoKo Lookalike in Subiaco

How had I missed this pretty little doggie before? She has been wandering round the streets of Subi for a few years. Can you see from the photo how much she looks like me? I feel like there is a mirror in between us.

Of course if you look carefully you can pick which is me – I’m the one barking to demand the treat which is temptingly only an arm’s length away. My avid desire for food gives me away every time. That is Li-Na on my right. Woofs from KoKo

Li-An and KoKo Lookalikes
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Don’t give your dog Human Medication

Tamara Smith's photo. This is gross but a very strong warning not to give us doggies human tablets. This very sick dog was given Nurofen. and ended up at Waroona Vet.

“ibuprofen is NOT meant for use in dogs -for arthritis, or anything else! Owner brought the dog in for “bleeding from the mouth.” Immediately after we brought the pet into the treatment area, he proceeded to vomit up this delicious, gelatinous nightmare…ASA, acetominophen, paracetamol and almost all human pain relievers are toxic to animals if not in it’s entirely, then in similar dosages. Best advice, give NOTHING unless prescribed by a veterinarian.

* If it stops just one owner from self-medicating their pet, it’ll be worth it. If you want to share the fact that the dog lived, that’s fine, but the bill was a hefty one, and we all know that usually drives a point home with owners, too.*”
– credit to Vicki Sue Rush. Please share, KoKo

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Where’s KoKo?



Where’s Wally /KoKo?

It’s my 10th birthday next week, so my Mum Helen Potter, a Subiaco dog photographer, will be taking a picture of 19 “KoKo Lookalike” dogs to celebrate.

If you are small, fluffy and cute and would like to be part of this fun photoshoot please ask your parent to email or phone 9382 1250.

An Entry Fee of $20 includes an emailed jpeg photo of you and the group, and a 5×7″ print.

Part proceeds will go to the Yarloop doggies who lost their homes in the Bushfire. Mum and I have already taken down a car load of doggie beds, blankets, bowls and toys (donated by Subi Centro and Hillaries doggies) but they will welcome more donations later when everyone starts to rebuild.

Please meet at the pond at the side of the City of Subiaco offices (part of the Rose Gardens) Sat 20th February between 8-10am or 4-5pm. As some doggies are very adventurous and don’t like to sit still, we will probably do the photoshoot in small groups.

Please make sure you are looking your best and that your Mum or Dad brings you your favourite treats.

Looking forward to having a fun time.

Woofs from KoKo Harry Potter.

PS. Can you guess which dog is me?

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Staying Cool in 40 degrees

Subiaco Centro Dog Park is a haven in summer. We love the little stream that runs through the park. It is shallow and cool and full of leaves.

Luckily for me , it is also close to the BBQs! So I snuffle around hoping for some dropped left overs. Finding none, I then roll over and over in some smelly duck poo. Mum groans, but she feels it is worth for me to feel l cooler and less grumpy. She likes to dangle her feet in the cool stream too. The City Subiaco look after us well. Here are some of Friday’s playing doggies.