Don’t give your dog Human Medication

Tamara Smith's photo. This is gross but a very strong warning not to give us doggies human tablets. This very sick dog was given Nurofen. and ended up at Waroona Vet.

“ibuprofen is NOT meant for use in dogs -for arthritis, or anything else! Owner brought the dog in for “bleeding from the mouth.” Immediately after we brought the pet into the treatment area, he proceeded to vomit up this delicious, gelatinous nightmare…ASA, acetominophen, paracetamol and almost all human pain relievers are toxic to animals if not in it’s entirely, then in similar dosages. Best advice, give NOTHING unless prescribed by a veterinarian.

* If it stops just one owner from self-medicating their pet, it’ll be worth it. If you want to share the fact that the dog lived, that’s fine, but the bill was a hefty one, and we all know that usually drives a point home with owners, too.*”
– credit to Vicki Sue Rush. Please share, KoKo

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