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Cats taking over Rokeby Rd

KoKo waiting in the Cat Cafe queue

Imagine my surprise on Saturday when I saw a long line of people waiting to get into a new cafe in Rokeby Rd.  Queues mean food, I thought, so I padded down and joined the end. My brain was a bit slow to pick up why all the kids looked funny – they were wearing ears and had whiskers and reminded me of ………….. CATS!

Oh no, I am afraid of cats. Every since a cat bailed me up in a corner when I was just a little puppy. What should I do I wondered. I’m not going to let a cat stop me from discovering a new cafe so I waited quietly with everyone else.

Finally we reached to door of the cafe and my little legs started quivering with excitement. I’d never been allowed inside a cafe before and that was where the queue was headed.

“NO DOGS ALLOWED” said this gruff voice looking down to where I stood smiling cutely.

Oh well, I really did not want to go in anyway, Mum and I were just playing a joke. In the next photos you can see me outside the cafe and then calmly sitting in front of some pretend pussy cats.

Lots of other people were also having fun and listening to music and, of course, eating at stalls where wonderful meaty smells were wafting from. That’s where I dragged Mum off to next. Woofs from KoKo

            Photographs by ©Helen Potter Photography 2016

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More news and photos tomorrow

My Mum Helen is back from holidays and her computer is better. She has apologised for blaming me. She thought I had jumped up on her desk and left a real wet Weemail  when she was not home.

Really she was just annoyed that yet another piece of technology had let her down.

I am not silly! I would never leave a real Wee on something electric! Usually Mum translates what I tell her and types is in for me.

Anyway, we are now on speaking terms  gain and I am jumping with excitement to see her after two weeks.

Not that I did not have a great fun time with my mates Bro and Bonnie at Mandurah but Mum is really my best human.

Mum will put up some photos of the Subiaco Sunday markets and   more cafe dogs soon. Woofs from KoKo