More news and photos tomorrow

My Mum Helen is back from holidays and her computer is better. She has apologised for blaming me. She thought I had jumped up on her desk and left a real wet Weemail  when she was not home.

Really she was just annoyed that yet another piece of technology had let her down.

I am not silly! I would never leave a real Wee on something electric! Usually Mum translates what I tell her and types is in for me.

Anyway, we are now on speaking terms  gain and I am jumping with excitement to see her after two weeks.

Not that I did not have a great fun time with my mates Bro and Bonnie at Mandurah but Mum is really my best human.

Mum will put up some photos of the Subiaco Sunday markets and   more cafe dogs soon. Woofs from KoKo


2 thoughts on “More news and photos tomorrow

  1. leena03

    Im so glad that you did not leave a REAL we email on mum’s REAL email. And that your blogs are back up again ! Signed: 🐶Marley girl (who’se just completing her very first shhhh heat cycle and is hence a Lady now 🐩

    1. kokopotter

      Which park does Marley go to? Maybe we could catch up (!)
      My Mum says I don’t know how to treat lady dogs. Usually I yell at them to play.
      Mum says this frightens them and that I should bark more gently and give them a little kiss.
      I don’t have much practiceas most Subi dogs seem to be boy dogs.
      Woofs for the message KoKo
      PS Mum’s computer has fixed itself!

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