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Can you understand me?

Thanks to Dr Greg from Subiaco Vet for some more tips!

 When I wag my tail – I am smiling!  But, if my tail is high and wagging slowly, I am feeling confident and friendly, whereas if I hold my tail low and wag it rapidly, it means i am a little nervous.
 When I am scooting or dragging my bottom on the ground I am itchy and probably have blocked anal glands. Mum knows to take me to Dr Greg.
 Licking – Most common reasons for licking ourselves and other dogs is that they taste good, and we are trying to show affection
 WHen you arrive home and I bring you a toy I am giving you a gift that I think you will like. It is a sign of my affection.


Koko Nik Natanui

Thank you Greg for putting my photo in your newsletter. Everyone knows I am a keen Eagles supporter.

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Don’t let me get fat over winter please

Tips from Dr Greg from Subiaco Vet Clinic

 Feed only the recommended pet food, with no other leftovers, scraps, snacks or treats
 Wiegh me regulatly and record results, ideally charting progress over time
 Ensure that only one person feeds me
 Get a new, smaller feed bowl
 Always measure the food using scales or a cup measure
 Feed on a little and often basis, dividing the food into 2 to 4 meals
 Remove any uneaten food after ten to fifteen minutes
 Exercise and play are better rewards than food!

Thanks  Dr Greg – KoKo

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The new Richard Diggins Park is now open!

It is with delight that I found the fence surrounding my favourite local park had been removed and I could resume my usual foray through the gardens, cleaning up under the picnic tables and playing with all the little kids.

There are new swings and slides but still plenty of space for me and the bigger kids to play frisbee and soccer. The City of Subiaco have even put in an extra bench for our owners and the mums and dads to sit on. Thank you City of Subiaco! KoKo

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Winter Warnings and Advice on Aging

Old age creaks
Old age creaks

Aging How does ageing affect older pets?  As a cat or dog ages, two common changes can occur. The first are age-related changes such as hearing loss, changes in vision or reduced activity.  These are normal and cannot be prevented.

The second kind is related to what we would class as disease. Commonly this would include heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, arthritis or dental disease. Often, these types of diseases can start to develop slowly, so we often make excuses or allowances for our pets getting old and miss the warning signs. The signs to look out for can include things like weight gain or loss, changes in water intake or urine output, smelly breath or difficulty chewing, increase or decrease in appetite and changes in activity

levels or sleeping more than normal.

from Wembley Veterinary Hospital

Comments from KoKo

“I’ve already told my Mum that i don’t want a CAT scan when I get older. I am scared of cats and don’t see why I should have a cat charge Mum a lot of money for just walking around me in a circle.”

“I’m not having any LAB tests either. I hear that Labrador are not all that clever so I doubt it would be worthwhile paying for their opinion. (sorry to offend any Labs!)” KoKo

Snail Pellet Poisoning

The first rains of spring often bring out that first flush of snails into the garden. Snail pellets are highly toxic and can kill Dogs and Cats by causing muscle excitement, salivation and seizures. Take care of you dog when he/she is out walking as well as in your own yard.

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Doggies Rule in Subiaco!

Last week cats were in their prime with the opening of Rokeby Road’s Cat Cafe.

This week dogs gathered for the opening of Mog and Bone in Hay St. The owners provided water bowls, metal rings to tie us to, and treats to make our mouths water. Once again “Dogs Rule in Subiaco!” KoKo

My neighbours – Bandit and Lily, were having fun  in their garden when I walked back from the shops. I barked to them to let them know that the new Mog and Bone shop was selling tasty goodies and comfy beds. After imparting this doggie gossip I dragged my mum across the road to our favourite RD Park and had a little play with Tammy before I headed home for a sleep. All this doggie socialising is tiring.

The photos below are of  some of the dogs that wanted to be seen at the opening of M & B – Chester, Tiger, Bruce Wayne, Loki, Daphne, Romeo, Charlie.

All photos available as small jpegs emailed or high quality prints from $20.

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