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Us dogs feel emotions too.

Here is a little tail by someone else!

A golden retriever chases his tail every morning for hours on end then compulsively licks his paws till they’re bare and oozy (just like mine – KoKo reveals). Human medication calms him down and he stops injuring himself.… or …. a neighbour’s tabby cat may claim friendship and follow him around the house bringing him some calm.

Humans project their own views on how us doggies are feeling. The label owners give us reflects their beliefs aboutan  animal’s capacity for emotional expression. Where earlier generations may have seen madness, homesickness and heartbreak, veterinarians  now diagnose anxiety, impulse control and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Here are five classic examples of animal insanity -diagnosed by a crazy human:

1. Heartbreak
In the past broken heartedness was considered a potentially lethal medical problem that affected both humans and other animals alike. In 1937, a German shepherd named Teddy stopped eating when his horse companion died, staying in the horse’s stall for three days until he died himself. Red dog from the Pilbara in North Western Australia pined for many months when his owner died suddenly. A Japanese dog Hachikō walked though severe weather conditinos every evening to meet his owner who was never coming home again. Animals do feel loss and don’t forget someone who loved them.

2. OCD
Obsessive-compulsive disorder is now a common diagnosis in humans and animals. These behaviors may actually be healthy activities gone awry. Dogs can develop paw-washing habits so extreme as to keep them from playing or going on walks. Other behaviors, like rituals, can also be seen in animals, as for instance a dog that barks every time he hears a skateboard.

3. Phobias
Some animals develop specific fears of things in their environment, such as escalators, a truck braking, or  a toaster oven beep. Thankfully, people and other animals can learn to overcome their phobias with a mixture of behavior therapy, training, time, and anti-anxiety medication.

This is KoKo fearing a BATH!

Photo by ©Helen Potter Furry Friends Fotos

Modified from Laurel Braitman’s book, Animal Madness: How Anxious Dogs, Compulsive Parrots and Elephants in Recovery Help Us Understand Ourselves

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On WeeMails and WeePlies by KoKo

PAWdon me for this post, but I heard some barking around the dog park yesterday and found out a few bits of gossip. Hee, Hee! You will have to call in to Subiaco Centro Dog Park to read my WeeMails to discover the secrets! I am usually there on Friday nights to leave some new updates and read any WeePlies from my doggie mates. KoKoSniffingDec2015-16

Woofs from KoKo Harry Potter.
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My Dog Holiday – Mandurah

You may have noticed that I was very quiet on my Blog during April. My human Mum Helen has been travelling in New Zealand, and left me at my favourite dog spa resort in Mandurah.

J & A look after me and give me lots of cuddles. Bonnie Bro, Digby and I became the “four Amigos” as we squashed in the back seat of John’s car then played games on Falcon Beach. Of course we frequented our usual coffee shop and overwhelmed the customers with four happy doggie tails wagging everywhere

Another favourite time is in the evening when all of us cuddle up and watch TV. It is a very cosy pastime. I even snuck into J&A s  bed some nights, which is a bit naughty I know, but I was missing my Mum.

So finally, I now have my paws back on the computer keys, to continue my Dog’s Tale.


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