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Walking Lake Monger – Animal Companions

Today, Sunday Sept 11th, was a bit overcast and breezy but ideal for our 3.7km walk around the lake with my Animal Companion mates. We all usually visit individual hospitals to spend some quiet patting time with nursing home seniors, so only catch up to each other socially twice a year.

At first I was very energetic and sprinted on my four apricot paws steadily overtaking about twenty other dogs who had headed out early. I was busy reading some WeePlies to other WeeMails left at some bushes so missed the start!

At one stage my Human Mum Helen thought I was trying to win the gold medal as I put my body in top gear and rushed from last towards the front group of dogs, then from third to second to the front of the pack.

Mum  told me it was supposed to be a pleasant walk  not a race. After more than ten years with me however she knows my personality and had talked to me beforehand about pacing myself if I was going to be in a competitive mood. Of course I ignored her advice and just raced at my sprint speed until about a third of the way. I found my little heart was beating rapidly and a tight aching was spreading down my legs.

Rather than prove Mum was right and I was wrong to start out too fast, I deviated off the path to the nearest trees and left some WeeMails. This gained me some respite so I repeated the sequence for another ten trees. By this time I was well back in the pack but surprisingly happy to match my pace with 14 yr old Siena and just pad quietly to the coffee shop. It was a good walk. We thanked Carla and Mike for organising it. Woofs from KoKo


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Poisonous plants for dogs to avoid

Thank you to Wembley Vet Clinic for this handy information.

KoKo waiting his Puppicino at Floyds Cafe


  1. Azaleas and rhododendrons contain toxins that may cause vomiting, diarrhoea, coma, and potentially even death.
  2. Tulip and daffodil bulbs cause serious stomach problems, convulsions, and increased heart rate.
  3. Cycads are highly toxic. A single seed may result in vomiting, seizures and liver failure – usually irreversible.
  4. Cape lilac berries are toxic to dogs (and people).  GI upsets like nausea, drooling, appetite loss, vomiting, belly pain, and diarrhoea. Also lethargy and weakness and a “drunken” or wobbly gait. With severe intoxications, changes to their breathing, heartbeat, tremors, collapse and seizures.
  5. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, is a popular hedging plant in WA with purple flowers that fade too white.  If eaten it can cause muscle spasms, convulsions similar to strychnine poisoning and could potentially cause death within just a few hours.   when pruning every leaf and stem should be discarded.
  6. Wandering Jew is a common weed and ground cover in WA gardens. It can cause significant skin irritation and a nasty rash.

    So… don’t nibble your Mum or Dad’s plants or you may become very sick.

Dog food is much more tasty and healthy too. KoKo Potter