Dogs and more Dogs, at Dogtober Beaufort St Mt Lawley

I was very excited on Sunday morning as Mum told me we were going to the fair in Leederville. She promised I would get a chance to show off my tricks and win some money to buy more treats!

We browsed around the stalls while I tasted some home baked  treats (the tiny chicken bone biscuits – Yummy).

Then at 10am I jumped in line to register for the talent quest only to find I was an hour and a half early! Oh no, how sad, we could not stay. I generously left first place for another doggie win .

The photographer Abigail Harman took a photo of me drinking my Puppicino.

It seems I thought it was licking good!


Beaufort Street Artisan Market's photo.
Photo Abigail Harman
 Woofs From KoKo

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