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Us doggies love Subiaco Cafes!


#Subiaco is exploding with new cafes. Here we are enjoying the froth of our Puppicinos outside St Lucy Cafe in Rokeby Rd.

My Mum Helen and I visited Venery Cafe in Hay St on Saturday and then tried out St Lucy Cafe near Hammersley Rd this morning. Both cafes have bowls of fresh water for visiting doggies. Digby and I had our photo taken while we were licking our lips after a tasty Puppicino.

Yuk Coffee
Some Puppicinos are just not good enough! But we haven’t found a bad one in Subiaco. This photo was of me rejecting a coffee at a cafe near a beach.

Oh dear, now we have a huge dilemma. There are so many cafes that are

There are so many cafes that are dog-friendly. Which cafe do we choose? Maybe we will have to take turns and visit one every day for the next month. Maybe we should sniff out the ones who supply free dog treats? (that is a hint for you cafe owners please)- KoKo

Why should Mum only let me stop at one cafe a day? I could just do my usual “refuse to move on” pose and hit the ground and lay flat as a pancake at every cafe until Mum buys me another drink. But if I did that I might end up very over-caffeinated and hyperexcitable. Maybe not such a good idea.

Talking of coffee – If you have not spied this POST newspaper article before, it displays how famous I am in Subiaco for tasting Puppicinos. Woofs from KoKo

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