KoKo’s Tale: Introduction

  • Dear reader,

Most of the dogs in my tale are my neighbours and mates. My human Mum Helen is a very real person. I offer her my apologies for all the cheeky things I allude to when I mention her. I hope she has a good sense of humour.

When you read my book, you may form the opinion that I am a little egotistical. I won’t deny that but it is only the playful part of my personality. I am shy, very polite and willing to help anyone (as long as I get a treat as a reward!). I also have a heroic streak, a desperate need for cuddles, and a huge appetite for meaty treats.

As you meander through the tales in my book you will discover that I get caught in cat traps, trapped into telling tall tales, and even make a leap into love. I experience freakish accidents, make mad adventures, and get tangled in silly scraps with a bee and a snake. I also have a rare fear for a dog, (Yes, I will admit it up front) –  I fear cats, but more of that later.

For the sake of fun, please allow me to exaggerate my skills a little. Yes, I know dogs can’t usually talk but I am a clever dog. I portray how I feel by opening my big brown eyes, changing the tilt of my head, altering the speed of my tail wag, and by barking in numerous forms of loudness. My human Mum, who features often in this story, then interprets what she thinks I am saying.

Dogs are also not well known for their communication skills, but I believe we can offer humans profound wisdom if only they would read the cues we give them. I’m firmly convinced that dogs can infuse happiness in humans, just like the hot water that runs through the coffee beans at my favourite Subiaco Cafes.

Dogs also help humans overcome loneliness by teaching them to be mindful of life and reminding them they can be playful.

My human Mum and I often have little conflicts when I want to stop at a cafe for another Puppicino, or I am not ready to leave the park. Guess who wins? I am only a little dog but boy I have some power when I want my way.

Quote about KoKo (Excerpt from Post Community Newspaper Jan 19th, 2013 Page 4)

“Subiaco resident KoKo is seven and a half years old, loves sausages and coffee, has 500 dog mates, eats muffin scraps off the footpath – and religiously reads the Post Newspaper every Friday.” KoKo, a Maltese Shih-Tsu, is also a prolific author and writes a blog which is closely read by other dogs and their humans. He says “The biggest community newspaper in Subiaco is the ground us dogs walk on. I learn a lot about what happens in my suburb from sniffing all the Wee-Mails left by my friends on the Wee-Trees planted by the City of Subiaco Staff.”

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