KoKo’s Tips on better dog photography

  1. Photograph in natural light.
  2. Inside place your dog near a white wall within window light
  3. Clear the background of any distractions
  4. Use an aperture that creates a soft blurred background.
  5. Put a treat on top of the camera to get your dog’s attention.
  6. Ask a friend to help
  7. Get down to your pet’s level to achieve a  natural view.
  8. Use a squeaky toy, to get some eye contact.
  9. Walk your dog first to burn off excess energy
  10. Take your dog out for a big walk prior to the photo shoot, to work of fsome excess energy first.
  11. Use fabric to pad slippery surfaces.
  12. Outdoors – A high speed shot of your dog running can be dramatic. You will need an assistant to hold your dog until you are ready to call “come”

2 thoughts on “KoKo’s Tips on better dog photography

  1. Susan

    Thanks for sharing your tips!. My Bobo always bite my camera when I wanna take a photo. So I took him as he was deeply asleep last night. 🙂

    1. Helen Potter Photography

      Hi Susan, that was very sneaky! When I was a little puppy I used to run at the camera too.
      Mum has very few photos of when I was tiny and cute.
      Now that I am 11 if she brings out her camera I sit and pose! I am a very good model.
      Keep taking lots of photos of Bobo (hey his name is a bit like mine – KoKo).
      He will change his looks and attitudes many times over the years. Woofs From KoKo

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