It’s an emergency- I’m in hospital

Hi Dog Mates,

I have never felt this flat, I am barely moving and my stomach is very sore. Mum can’t believe I have not barked in two days.

KoKo Unwell

KoKo Unwell

Greg, the vet, has suggested I stay in overnight with a drip to feed me water and antibiotics. Mum was very sad to leave me but we hope this will solve my problem.

In the morning when Mum comes to visit I will try to be sparkling. Weak Woofs from KoKo

6 thoughts on “It’s an emergency- I’m in hospital

  1. leena03

    Hi Helen ‘Really thinking about you and Koko at this time, and praying he’ll get better soon 🙏🏼

    With Kind Regards from Leena Mitra

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