KoKo found today Monday 23rd April 2018

KoKo went missing after a tradesman left the gate open.

I searched the nearby streets and lanes, then heaps of people joined in .

We could not find any sign of him anywhere.

I was traumatised, as my best mate rarely leaves my side.

If KoKo does go on an adventure from the park he always comes back rapidly to find me.

After 12 years in Subiaco he knows where his home is.

A long two hours later I discovered he’d been kidnapped and thrown into a cage.

The man wanted a reward.

Poor KoKo was so terrified he didn’t even bark even though I had walked nearby several times.

We are so happy to be back together.

Thank you to all his human mates who helped search.

Regards Helen

PLUS Woofs from a tired KoKo

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