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I’m afraid of cats!

cat chase
Cat Chase

I wish I’d had a mum who told me this story about why dogs chase cats:

“…………and then the mean old Kitty stole all the doggie treats and ran away down the street. That is why all us dogs chase cats!”

Except me. I am not ashamed to admit, I have a cat phobia. They scare me. An arched body, upright tail and hiss ….and I take off to safety! KoKo

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Dog Human Poem

A Father’s Day Poem…from a dog

You feed me when I’m hungry, you keep water in my dish,
You let me sleep on anything or in any place I wish.

You sometimes let me lick your hands, or even lick your face,
Despite the fact I’ve licked myself, in every private place.

You taught me how to come when called, you taught me how to sit.
You always let me go outside, so I can take a sh… Stroll.

You’ll always have my loyalty, up to the bitter end,
‘Cause after all, it’s plain to see you are a dog’s best friend!

-Author Unknown