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I am a cream and apricot Maltese ShihTzu with an egotistical personality streak which sometimes gets me into trouble. (My mum says I am naughty but I like to think I am just adventurous!)

We live in Subiaco in Western Australia . The streets are leafy and we walk everywhere. There are lots of little parks and some big parks for me to play in. There are nearly 2000 dogs in Subiaco so I have lots of mates.

If you would like a copy of a photo please email my mum Helen at furryfriendsfotos@westnet.com.au

This is MY dog’s tail. I hope you enjoy it.

KoKo Harry Potter

Subiaco Celebrity Dog

Thank you to:

  • Alison White, Amy Bachrach, Bruce Ridley and Dorothy Walker for editorial comment
  • Subiaco dogs for being such great mates, Subiaco kids and seniors for all their pats
  • Subiaco shop owners, staff and market people for welcoming me
  • Subiaco Council  for looking after our parks and lost dogs
  • The Post Community Newspaper for keeping us informed.

Woofs from KoKo

9 thoughts on “About KoKo UA-88456020-1

  1. Mark Nazzar


    I was just browsing through your site and there were some non-working references that I ran into. For instance if you go to http://kokosdogblog.com/tag/depression/ and try to click on http://kokosdogblog.com/2013/09/29/black-dog-poet…koko-shakespaw/ , you’ll notice the link doesn’t send you to where it should (or am I the only one experiencing this)? There are a few more cases like this and I’d be happy to point them out if you’d like me to. I’m just letting you know because I realize how difficult it can be to find these little issues when you are busy running a website, so thought I’d help out a little bit.

    Thanks for your great content,

  2. 1st World Dog

    Hi Koko – glad to have sniffed out your blog and looking forward to reading more of your adventures from where we are over here on the east coast. And just read about the bite… Ouch. Get well!!!

    1. KoKo

      Woof Woof -glad to meet you.
      Now that you have let me know that you are a fellow dog blogger I can see what treats you have for me in your tails.
      My wound and bruises are now all healed up but i still have the scar on my back. My fluffy apricot fur will cover it soon.

      Mum and I have been brave and gone back to the park but we are still a little scared when we see a big dog. Those big teeth adn nasty growl are hard to forget. Enjoy your walk tomorrow.
      Doggie Kisses from KoKo Harry Potter Subiaco

  3. alfiethepap

    Hello Koko nice to meet you. I will look forward to reading about your adventures and what you get up to in your part of the world. x

    1. KoKo Potter

      Hi Alfie, Thank you for linking onto my site. I like to share my adventures. I think your long ears are very cute. My groomer just trimmed mine so that look a bit neat and fancy. Keep fit and happy.
      Love KoKo

  4. writetowag

    Hello KoKo!!!! Such a pleasure to meet you!!!! Thank you for visiting us today… My dog Trev sends woofs and wags your way…and also said he will put his paw on the follow button!!!

    1. KoKo

      Thank you Trev – I appreciate your Woofs. I hope you enjoy reading some of my adventures.
      KoKo “So Cute” Harry Potter

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