KoKo’s First Blog

Here I am putting paws to paper (I mean keyboard!)
 Koko blogging

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I’m KoKo, a famous Subiaco Puppicino Drinking Dog Blogger. My aim is to share my fun moments and sad tales, adventures and misadventures, stories of my dog friends and of the people who pat me. I will talk about the parks I visit, the rangers I meet and the work I do as a responsible Subiaco Resident living in this leafy suburb.

When you see me, I will usually have my nose to the ground. Why? Well, I’ll be reading Wee-Mails from my doggie friends. As I am a polite dog, I always leave a Wee-ply on the Wee-Trees planted for us by the City of Subiaco workers. There are even Wee-Trees on roundabouts!

While reading my blog you will discover that I am not just any dog. I am able to see, smell, and hear. I explain to my Mum what I am thinking. Although I am clever, I cannot write or speak human English so I asked my Mum Helen to write my thoughts for me in words you will understand. She also takes all the photos of me and my mates.

This is MY dog’s tale. I hope you enjoy it.

PS Please leave a Wee-Mail or comment as I would love to know what you think of my blog.

Thank you

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