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KoKo’s Comment

Dear reader,

It is rare to find a dog who can communicate as well as I can, so I’ve decided to share some of my adventurous life with you. The rangers tell me that there are over 2000 dogs in my suburb of Subiaco. Most of them know me!

The rangers tell me that there are over 2000 dogs in my suburb of Subiaco. Most of them know me!

I think that dogs have an important role in a community, In fact, I believe that dogs infuse happiness, similar to the hot water running through the coffee beans at my favourite Subiaco Cafes.

For the sake of fun, please allow me to exaggerate my skills a little. Yes, I know dogs can’t usually talk, but I am a clever dog. I portray how I feel by opening my big brown eyes, changing the tilt of my head, altering the speed of my tail wag, and by barking in many forms of loudness. My human Mum, who often features in this story, then interprets what she thinks I am saying. My Mum is a very real human. I apologise to her for all the cheeky things I say. I am hoping she has a good sense of humour.

When you read my tales, you may form the opinion that I am a feisty Maltese Shih-Tzu with an egotistical streak. I won’t deny this, but it is only the playful part of my personality. Inside I am shy, polite and willing to help anyone (particularly if I get a treat as a reward)! As you get to know me you will discover that I also have a desperate need for cuddles and a huge appetite for meaty treats.

Some of my Shaggy Dog Tales I base on true events, while others I invent purely for fun.

As you pad through the tales in my book, you will find that I get caught in cat traps, tripped into telling tall tales, and even make a leap into love. I make up freakish accidents, become involved in mad mis-adventures, and get into a silly scrap with a snake.

I believe we dogs can offer humans profound wisdom, if only they read the cues we give them. This is my attempt to translate my thoughts and opinions into words you can understand.

I am only a little dog, but have a larger than life personality.

©KoKo Harry Potter March 2017

Assisted by Helen Potter


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