Best Subiaco Dog Cafes

KoKo tasting a coffee

               KoKo tasting a coffee

For 2016 I have selected two fantastic cafes to award equal first place.

  1. Spring Expresso in Bagot Rd Subiaco
  2. Melograno Cafe in Heytesbury Rd.

Despite numerous arduous testing sessions around Subiaco Cafes, I found it was difficult to separate these two.

The winning cafes win votes:

  • Very Dog-friendly (lots of mates for me to greet)
  • Occasional bits of food under the tables for me to clean (I’m an official Subiaco cafe dog cleaner)
  • Constant supply of fresh water in a dog bowl ( I get thirsty after my walks and frequent WeeMail stops)
  • Tasty milk froth on top of a coffee that I can have five finger tips worth (My “Puppicino”)
  • Consistently good flavoured hot coffee for my Mum Helen

Woofs and Thank you to George and Geoff and Baristas and staff

May we continue to enjoy your great coffee and service thought 2017

Woofs from KoKo and Helen


Dogs and more Dogs, at Dogtober Beaufort St Mt Lawley

I was very excited on Sunday morning as Mum told me we were going to the fair in Leederville. She promised I would get a chance to show off my tricks and win some money to buy more treats!

We browsed around the stalls while I tasted some home baked  treats (the tiny chicken bone biscuits – Yummy).

Then at 10am I jumped in line to register for the talent quest only to find I was an hour and a half early! Oh no, how sad, we could not stay. I generously left first place for another doggie win .

The photographer Abigail Harman took a photo of me drinking my Puppicino.

It seems I thought it was licking good!


Beaufort Street Artisan Market's photo.
Photo Abigail Harman
 Woofs From KoKo

My Dog Holiday – Mandurah

You may have noticed that I was very quiet on my Blog during April. My human Mum Helen has been travelling in New Zealand, and left me at my favourite dog spa resort in Mandurah.

J & A look after me and give me lots of cuddles. Bonnie Bro, Digby and I became the “four Amigos” as we squashed in the back seat of John’s car then played games on Falcon Beach. Of course we frequented our usual coffee shop and overwhelmed the customers with four happy doggie tails wagging everywhere

Another favourite time is in the evening when all of us cuddle up and watch TV. It is a very cosy pastime. I even snuck into J&A s  bed some nights, which is a bit naughty I know, but I was missing my Mum.

So finally, I now have my paws back on the computer keys, to continue my Dog’s Tale.


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Dogs getting older

Now that I am ten my Mum keeps finding articles about aging dogs. I don’t feel old! I still run on the beach and look for exciting Weemails on seaweed and rocks. I must admit I don’t run at the park as much, and do spend more time sitting contemplating.

“Old dogs like old shoes are comfortable. They might be a little worn around the edges but they fit well”  Bonnie Wilcox

Senior dog Rooney waiting quietly at Melograno Cafe Subiaco

Senior dog Rooney waiting quietly at Melograno Cafe Subiaco





Older dog Waiting

Slightly senior Berkeley










Last Sunday Mum organised a party at Richard Diggins Park. She left Digby and I at home as she thought we might be a  bit of trouble with lots of kids around. Some of the kids asked where we were so we went around later to play with them. Here are some photos of Mayor Henderson and Ex Mayor Richard Diggins (whom our little park is named after).

James, Lucy, Julie ,Sheila, Alma, Richard, Helen

James, Lucy, Julie , Sheila, Alma, Richard, Helen and the How Now Coffee Van

Basil and children

Basil and children

RD Park

RD Park

Richard, Alma,, Heather and Helen RD Park

Richard, Alma, Heather and Helen RD Park

Subiaco Cafe Dogs

Last Saturday Mum and I strolled across Kitchener Park to Subi Square, where I dashed under the railway fountain and had a little wet lie down. We met a gorgeous little golden fluff Ball called Marnie who tried to keep dry.

(Photos coming soon)

Our Saturday routine after exercise is of course to have a Puppicino for me and a coffee for my Mum. We had to choose between Cafe Cafe and The Lion and The Jaguar Cafes. Both of these are dog friendly with bowls of water waiting for us.

I did my usual job of cleaning up under the cafe tables then decided that, as my new friends Li-Na and Shelby were at The Lion and The Jaguar we would join them there.

I indulged in the froth off mum’s coffee and nicked as much of her berry muffin as i could  when she was talking. It was the yummiest muffin I have had for a long time.

Afterwards I introduce myself to one of the owners as “The Subi Dog Cafe Reviewer” I told her I would be giving them a ten out of ten! After she brought me out a piece of cheese I had to make that 11/10! Hope you are all having doggie fun, KoKo

Mr KoKo Muddy Feet

Last Sunday I was so energised after my lovely bowl of milk at Pet lovers Cafe in Maylands, that when Mum let me loose at Bayswater Park, I took off like a rocket – Straight into the water! When I gazed around there was black stinky mud in font of me and behind. No way out. Boy was I in trouble.

I knew Mum would not let me in her car and would threaten to make me walk all the way home to Subiaco. What should I do I wondered?

Maybe she will relent if I agree to having a shower? OK I thought, I will be a GOOD dog and submit to a wetting. Moments later, after we had found a tap, you probably heard me yelling all the way from the cafe .”Mum this water is freezing! Please don’t hold me so tight”

“I hope you brought a towel to warm me up. Or maybe we could head back to the cafe for a warm Puppicino?”

Another adventure in the life of KoKo “so cute” Potter.