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Subiaco Cafe Dogs

Last Saturday Mum and I strolled across Kitchener Park to Subi Square, where I dashed under the railway fountain and had a little wet lie down. We met a gorgeous little golden fluff Ball called Marnie who tried to keep dry.

(Photos coming soon)

Our Saturday routine after exercise is of course to have a Puppicino for me and a coffee for my Mum. We had to choose between Cafe Cafe and The Lion and The Jaguar Cafes. Both of these are dog friendly with bowls of water waiting for us.

I did my usual job of cleaning up under the cafe tables then decided that, as my new friends Li-Na and Shelby were at The Lion and The Jaguar we would join them there.

I indulged in the froth off mum’s coffee and nicked as much of her berry muffin as i could  when she was talking. It was the yummiest muffin I have had for a long time.

Afterwards I introduce myself to one of the owners as “The Subi Dog Cafe Reviewer” I told her I would be giving them a ten out of ten! After she brought me out a piece of cheese I had to make that 11/10! Hope you are all having doggie fun, KoKo