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Cottesloe Beach – KoKo

KoKo at CottesloeA Summer’s Tale


KoKo ShakesPaw


I felt the sharpness 

Of scorched grass blades

And scratchy weeds,

Where there was no shade.


I baked in an oven

Or an east wind blast,

Craving to find some

Cool water at last.

Bright burning glare,

Sweaty poor sleep,

Dry, dusty mouth,

Poor burnt feet!


Mum, Cottesloe Beach,

Can’t we go there please?

With our bathers and towels

To enjoy the cool breeze?

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Cottesloe Beach Dog Walk

Hi all,

I was a bit suspicious that spring was here as my allergies were bothering me. I was scratching my face and biting my feet.

Mum suggested that it was about time we took ourselves down for a walk along North Cottesloe Beach, as the sand would have lost its winter chill. The salty water would also be soothing.

Surprisingly, when we spied the sea it was tossing and turning and pouring froth onto the seaweedy sand.

A few dogs were dipping their bodies in the ocean but I decided four wet little paws were enough.The wind was whipping the doggie’s wet tails as they ran along the beach. There were even little spatters of rain.

We did not mind though, as it was fun for me to race after my ball and to meet new friends. I was reminded of all the great times we had over summer.

You can see from Mum’s photos that I was happy! Roll on summer, KoKo

KoKo Cottesloe Beach
KoKo Cottesloe Beach
Cottesloe Beach Dogs
Cottesloe Beach Dogs

Of course, after a beach walk we headed to the cafe for a coffee for Mum, and a Puppicino for me.

Swanbourne Cafe Dog ToTo
Swanbourne Cafe Dog ToTo
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My Doggie Adventures at Cottesloe Beach


It is summer in Perth and of course the days are very hot. Mum and I love going to the beach to cool down in the clear blue sea.

After I race down the steep wooden steps, the first thing I do is a very private, but natural thing, for us dogs. I escape from Mum, while she is unpacking our beach gear, and run into the sand dunes.

I do my usual silly circling until I find the best spot before I relax and “do my poo” watching the view of the  Indian Ocean.

Mum is very annoyed when she sees where I am. There are snakes in the dunes and she worries that I will be bitten. However, luck is with me this time and I tear back down the dune scattering sand everywhere.

I head across the burning white sand to the waters edge. I lay my hot fluffy body down and let the waves wash up to my armpits. It is a great feeling. Other dogs, especially the big ones, go in deep and swim, but I am happy to wallow in the oceans froth.

After my little dip I chase my ball back and forth, all the way to the end of the dog beach. There is a sign at Swanbourne, which of course I cannot read. It has a picture of one of my mates on it with a big red cross. Mum stops at the sign and turns around to head back to our gear.

I don’t follow her as I have found a Wee-Mail on some seaweed with amazing news from an unknown doggie mate. I sniff the odours and discover it says:

“To whom so ever reads this Wee-Mail: I’ve just returned from the other end of Swanbourne Beach. I discovered that a fisherman had buried some lovely stinky prawns there. I ate most of them but, if you are quick, you might enjoy the last ones.

I don’t waste time telling Mum where I am going. I take off like a rocket. Sand flies everywhere. Mum stands  astounded.  She has no idea what has prompted my extraordinary flight.

My cream coat blends with the sand making it difficult for her to see me, but a few minutes later Mum spies me running back. I am panting with exhaustion with a happy satisfied grin all over my face. Mum knows I have found something wonderful but she does not know what it was. She is hoping that this time it was not a deadly Blow Fish (My previous liking for these poisonous fish has cost mum nearly two thousand dollars!)

Beach Surf


Beach Potatoes!