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On WeeMails and WeePlies by KoKo

PAWdon me for this post, but I heard some barking around the dog park yesterday and found out a few bits of gossip. Hee, Hee! You will have to call in to Subiaco Centro Dog Park to read my WeeMails to discover the secrets! I am usually there on Friday nights to leave some new updates and read any WeePlies from my doggie mates. KoKoSniffingDec2015-16

Woofs from KoKo Harry Potter.
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My mate Digby – by KoKo

My mate Digby has been staying with us again. He is soooo… energetic. He runs and jumps and chases toys and balls at the park. The kids love to join in as he is very polite. When he puts the toy down he steps back to let the kids safely pick it up to throw it. I’m not good at that. I tend to play “tug” and don’t really want to give the toy up.

                                                        Digby Playing Fetch

Digby Jumping

You can see from the photo (on a cold day when he wore his blue jacket) that Digby is also good at loud barking to get what he wants. He can boss my Human Mum Helen around, but not as well as me!


                                                                     Digby Yelling

On Sunday we met up with Morgan and Meg from Park St. They both looked very clean and trim with new haircuts.

                                           Morgan                                                        Meg


                                                                  Me looking pretty cool