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Can you understand me?

Thanks to Dr Greg from Subiaco Vet for some more tips!

 When I wag my tail – I am smiling!  But, if my tail is high and wagging slowly, I am feeling confident and friendly, whereas if I hold my tail low and wag it rapidly, it means i am a little nervous.
 When I am scooting or dragging my bottom on the ground I am itchy and probably have blocked anal glands. Mum knows to take me to Dr Greg.
 Licking – Most common reasons for licking ourselves and other dogs is that they taste good, and we are trying to show affection
 WHen you arrive home and I bring you a toy I am giving you a gift that I think you will like. It is a sign of my affection.


Koko Nik Natanui

Thank you Greg for putting my photo in your newsletter. Everyone knows I am a keen Eagles supporter.

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Don’t let me get fat over winter please

Tips from Dr Greg from Subiaco Vet Clinic

 Feed only the recommended pet food, with no other leftovers, scraps, snacks or treats
 Wiegh me regulatly and record results, ideally charting progress over time
 Ensure that only one person feeds me
 Get a new, smaller feed bowl
 Always measure the food using scales or a cup measure
 Feed on a little and often basis, dividing the food into 2 to 4 meals
 Remove any uneaten food after ten to fifteen minutes
 Exercise and play are better rewards than food!

Thanks  Dr Greg – KoKo

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Winter Warnings and Advice on Aging

Old age creaks
Old age creaks

Aging How does ageing affect older pets?  As a cat or dog ages, two common changes can occur. The first are age-related changes such as hearing loss, changes in vision or reduced activity.  These are normal and cannot be prevented.

The second kind is related to what we would class as disease. Commonly this would include heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, arthritis or dental disease. Often, these types of diseases can start to develop slowly, so we often make excuses or allowances for our pets getting old and miss the warning signs. The signs to look out for can include things like weight gain or loss, changes in water intake or urine output, smelly breath or difficulty chewing, increase or decrease in appetite and changes in activity

levels or sleeping more than normal.

from Wembley Veterinary Hospital

Comments from KoKo

“I’ve already told my Mum that i don’t want a CAT scan when I get older. I am scared of cats and don’t see why I should have a cat charge Mum a lot of money for just walking around me in a circle.”

“I’m not having any LAB tests either. I hear that Labrador are not all that clever so I doubt it would be worthwhile paying for their opinion. (sorry to offend any Labs!)” KoKo

Snail Pellet Poisoning

The first rains of spring often bring out that first flush of snails into the garden. Snail pellets are highly toxic and can kill Dogs and Cats by causing muscle excitement, salivation and seizures. Take care of you dog when he/she is out walking as well as in your own yard.

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Bushfire doggies and moggies – Waroona and Yarloop WA- January 2016

Subiaco WA

January 2016

Hi Doggies and Moggies (and Chookies and horses),

My Mum Helen and I are dropping into Waroona tomorrow to leave you some comfy beds, food and toys, for those of you who have lost your homes. I hope some of you get to enjoy our contributions from the Subiaco and Hillary’s dogs. We know you will be feeling tired and anxious so some of us left our Wee-Mails on the blankets to enable you to smell of our concern and warm wishes.

I would also like to invite you to tell your tales on my blog at some point in the future. You can bark about your escape or woof about the sadness of loosing your mates and home. Or maybe you could tell us of your new lives now that homes are being rebuilt.

My Mum is good at translating Wee-mails but we live a bit far away. We might have to come down to visit when things have settled a bit.

My Mum loves taking photos of animals so if you would like to be the centre of attention, please let your humans know.

Woofs from KoKo

KoKo The Pretend Assistance Firedog


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Tips to care for your doggies and moggies in Bushfire risk areas

Tips from the CFA

Decide if you will keep your pets with you or move them elsewhere during fire risk days. The safest place to be is away from high-risk bushfire areas.

  • If you choose to stay – confine your pets early inside a secure room, on a lead or in a carrier, clearly labelled with your contact details
  • Have wet towels and woollen blankets to cover and protect your pets
  • Have plenty of water for them to drink
  • Make sure your pet is micro-chipped and wearing an identification tag
  • Ensure all contact information is current
  • Link an emergency contact in a different suburb to your records
  • List where you could house your pets if you decide to leave early e.g. boarding kennel or a relative/friend’s place
  • Ask neighbours to protect your pets if you are not at home during a bushfire
  • Keep in contact with your neighbours to let them know your plans
  • Keep your bushfire relocation kit for pets within easy reach
  • Practise how you will move your pets if you leave. It takes longer than you think

Your Pet Bushfire Relocation Kit should include:

  • Food and water
  • A bowl for each pet
  • A second collar and lead
  • A carrier for cats and smaller pets
  • Bedding and a woollen blanket
  • A pet first-aid kit – seek your vet’s advice
  • Their favourite toy
  • Any medications, and details of what they are
  • Your pet’s medical history, including proof of vaccination
  • Your vet’s contact details

Warning signs of hyperthermia:

Heat stress in dogs and cats occurs when they are unable to maintain their normal body temperature. Warning signs are:

  • Excessive panting
  • If severe they will vomit
  • Salivating
  • Whining or agitation
  • KoKo-Keeping Cool
    KoKo-Keeping Cool








Tips for keeping pets cool

  • Fresh, cold water available at all times
  • Shade or bring them inside into a cool room
  • Wipe down with a cool, damp towel or leave wet towels out for them to lie on
  • A wading pool for your dog if it will use it
  • For cats, rub damp hands over their coat or tummy
  • Ice blocks in your pet’s water bowl
  • Ice in a pillow case and place it nearby
  • Have your dog clipped if their coat is long and thick
  • Never leave your pets in a vehicle on a hot day

Register your pet on the National Pet Register with its Microchip number

Woofs from KoKo

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Tips for noticing Arthritis in your dog early

We all grow old, or as I like to think of it,our bodies show the signs of our life experiences.

My Mum has helped me stay as healthy as I can, we exercise at least twice a day.

We are both amazed that my weight is the same as when i was one year old. Mum is generous with her treats but only lets me have small serves.

Of course I’m about a kilo heavier before I go to Wembley Vet for my fluffy hair cut!

Here are some tips on picking up early signs of arthritis in your dogs joints. Woofs from KoKo

Arthritis In Your Pet

Woofs from KoKo

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Wanneroo Dog Breakfast – KoKo’s Win.

 KoKo Entrant

We had an exciting day today. Mum decided we would go to Wanneroo to check out their Dog Breakfast.

All the way up the freeway my little brain cells were sending tingling messages to my taste buds. I hoped that BBQ sausages were waiting for me.

 Second Prize First Prize Third Prize

Just as we arrived the organisers were closing the Dog Talent Competition List. Mum and I had a quick consultation and we decided we would have fun showing off my tricks. We thought some of the bigger dogs might have been practising but we had nothing to lose. We were allocated No 15 at the tail end of the queue (I hope you did not miss my little joke!).

Surprisingly I was not nervous. I knew mum had some tasty treats in her pocket and, as you know, I never miss out on food.

When it was my turn I did a quick dance then chose which of mum’s hand held a treat. As I showed the judges how I could I go under and over mum’s legs, they clapped lots.

KoKo Over Under

Afterwards we sat quietly in the shade to hear the results. It was my first ever stage performance. A less confident dog may have been expecting the wooden spoon prize, but a silly dog who ignored every one of his owners commands won it.

The judges read out the name of the dog for third place, then named me as SECOND PRIZE WINNER! Wow I thought “I am sooo.. clever” Then a different thought entered my little brain – Maybe Mum, my trainer, deserved some praise too.  So I gave her a slippery kiss on her ear.

After posing for a photo I unwrapped my prize to find some wearable and edible goodies.

There were lots of stalls with give aways and free health checks. This local Vet gave me a cuddle and checked my teeth – I passed with flying colours! His teeth look pretty good too.

KoKo Vet Waneroo