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More Vet Tails


Greg, the Subiaco Vet, has two grey cats called Calvin and Bambi Rose. They sit calmly in the waiting area or just wander around quietly mixing with dogs, mice and guinea pigs.

Of course I take every opportunity to make new friends so say I hello to other dogs who are waiting. These are photos of some dogs who were ill or just waiting for a checkups. There are some who sadly will fall asleep with Greg and their mum or dad cuddling them because they are very sick but and they will wake up again in Doggie heaven sprightly and healthy. Most of the dogs I meet leave the Vet dog happy!

These patient dogies were waiting at Wembley Vet for help.

VetU VetTinkles VetSabaha VetGrommit VetBacchus

My Car Collision Tail

Accidents are things that happen UNEXPECTEDLY. Usually when we are rushing or doing too many things carelessly. This is a tale of two accidents I had in one day.

When I was a very little puppy a stick I was playing with scratched my mouth. Mum rushed me down to see Greg the vet. He checked out a little cut in my mouth and said I was Ok to go back to the park to play.

As we went back to Mum’s car I started wriggling and squirming and loosened myself from mum’s arms. I dropped to the ground and sped along the skinny green verge outside his clinic. I had a choice of turning right or left but sadly turned right onto busy Railway Road. A big fast car hit me and bounced me onto the verge. Greg and his staff rushed out from the clinic and saved me. Later, when I was recovering from my bruises and headache, he told me to be more careful near roads as many doggies who ran onto the road were squashed. I was  very lucky to survive.

My friend Cato also ran across Roberts Road near Mueller Park. A car squashed his feet. He has been a very brave dog and done his exercises so that he can still run around. He is a lucky dog too. You can see he is wearing his little special shoes.


Iga also had an accident and hurt his foot but he is all better now. My neighbour Millie ran into a car and broke her shoulder. She had to have some surgery but you can see her running happily around Richard Diggins Park again.