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Tales of Bushfire Animals Yarloop/Waroona/Harvey

Hi all in the Waroona/Yarloop/Harvey area
My mum Helen will be in the Yarloop/Harvey area on
Friday afternoon the 21st July,
Saturday 22nd July
to take free photos of your pets and animals and to listen to your stories.
All residents whose animals were evacuated, lost, found, injured or passed away are welcome to contribute to this project.
Kids are also welcome as, with your help, I hope to have some fun twists to the blogs.

I’ll also be at the Bowling club event on the Saturday night so please introduce yourself. Please like or comment on this post or email to express your interest. Information forms are at the Community Centre and I will post some to your One stop shop. Regards

KoKo Dancing Queen

Helen and KoKo Potter

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Fleas – dogs pest beasties

I hate fleas. They make me scratch and I can’t concentrate on playing.

Here is a message from Wembley Vet Hospital. Woofs from KoKo

“This summer we’ve seen an increase in enquiries from clients about fleas and flea control. Perth has a perfect climate for fleas and the recent warmth and rain is bound to make things worse and not better. So this month we thought we would feature a reminder about fleas and their clever biology.

The most important concept when it comes to controlling fleas is to understand that we are not just trying to tackle the adult Flea!

The flea life cycle includes the adult flea, egg, larva, and pupa. Adult fleas do bite but cannot survive long if they are not on the dog or cat. Once the adult flea lays its eggs on the host it will fall off, leaving the eggs to go through the rest of their life cycles.

That lifecycle involves the egg hatching and moving through 3 different larval stages. The larvae look like tiny little worms that are about 1-3 mm long. These guys can crawl down under bedding, or deep into carpets, or off into cracks in the flooring or garden. This stage lasts up to 10 days.

From there, they spin themselves a web-like cocoon and can sit dormant for up to 6 months.  This pupae stage is resistant to environmental damage. They can hang around, waiting for the vibrations from pet or human movement before hatching out. This is why, if you have ever gone on holiday, when you come home, you suddenly seem to get a lot of fleas.

To adequately control fleas in your environment, you often need to tackle all stages of the life-cycle. This generally involves treating ALL the pets in the household. Did you know that about 90% of fleas found on dogs, are actually the cat variety of flea!!!

You will need to use a product that kills them WITHIN HOURS so that the flea doesn’t get a chance to feed or lay eggs.  You will need to treat ALL members of the pet household.  You may need to look at treating the environment, or else, waiting for the pets to collect up all the fleas that hatch out of the pupae stage and kill them with whatever product you choose to use.

Why control fleas you say? Flea bite hypersensitivity and flea allergic dermatitis is the most common skin disease in pets. And although the allergies usually develop when dogs and cats are young, flea allergies can begin at any age. It is the saliva from the flea that is actually believed to be the cause of the allergy or sensitivity.”

If you need advice on a safe and effective flea control product for your household, then contact

Wembley Veterinary Hospital

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Vet24HrDogs New Year’s Eve

My Mum Helen took photos of animals waiting for the Vet on New Year’s Eve. They should have been out partying but they were ill and needed attention.

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Secret Life of Australian Dog Owners


I love secrets! That’s why I spend so much time reading WeeMails left for me by my doggie friends. I discover where my mates are, whether they are going for walks, and of course, The WeeMails tell me all the neighbourhood gossip. This includes who is new to Subiaco, who needs me to visit because they live behind a high fence and are lonely, and if there are any new cats in the area I need to avoid.

Here are some secret Pawshake discovered about cat and dog owners.

Research reveals 87.5 per cent of Australians love their pets so much they would give up their dream home for them

Pawshake research reveals that being a pet owner has a significant impact on life choices and behaviours – from home living and the local community – to social lives and relationships.

KoKo and a loving friend Subiaco

KoKo and a loving friend in Subiaco

Pets vs. Home – real estate agents take note

In addition to Australia facing soaring housing prices and rising rent making it difficult to look for a place to live, Australians are still willing to factor in one other priority – their pets. A survey released today by pet-sitting community Pawshake has found that 87.5 per cent of Australians wouldn’t rent or buy their dream home if it didn’t allow their beloved pets.

Pet vs. Family – watch out kids

Revealing Australia’s love for our furry friends, the survey also looks into the habits of pet owners in the context of family life at home. Surprisingly, two-thirds (67 per cent) of Australians would choose a pet over a child if they could only afford one or the other.

Australians also seem more forgiving of their pet than their child, with 77.5 per cent admitting they would be angrier at their child than their pet for ruining a piece of furniture at home. More than half (59 percent) also admitted they would feel guiltier if they forgot to feed their pet than their child.

Dog with Animal Physio Leigh

Dog with Animal Physio Leigh

Pets vs. Neighbours – knock-knock, who’s there?

The love for pets doesn’t stop there with 74.9 per cent of Australians saying they would recognise a neighbours’ pet before they would their neighbour and seven in ten (70.3 per cent) going on to say there are pets in their neighbourhood whose name they know and who’s owner’s name they don’t know.

Not only are pets included as part of the neighbourhood, they’re also included in life’s milestones, with 67.7 percent of pet owners signing greeting cards for their pet and over half (57.7 percent) going as far as imagining their dog’s voice!

James, Lucy, Julie ,Sheila, Alma, Richard, Helen
James, Lucy, Julie ,Sheila, Alma, Richard, Helen

Pets vs. Health – are you calling my pet fat?

It seems that pet owners care for their pets so much that almost nine in ten (87.7 per cent) take their pet to the vet more than they would take themselves to the doctor. This care for their pets’ well-being is further evident when it comes to how their pets look, with half (50.5 percent) of pet owners admitting they are sensitive to any comments other people make about the weight of their pet.

Pets vs. Social Life – it’s not you, it’s my dog

The influence of one’s pet is also prevalent in pet owners’ social lives with almost all (95.9 percent) willing to sacrifice treating themselves in favour of treating their pets, from a meal to a night out and from a haircut to new clothes if needed. 78.5 percent also admitted they would put their pet before their love life and stop dating someone if they discovered they weren’t a pet lover.

However, the influence of pets on the lives of Australian’s dogs stop at the haircut. Contrary to popular stereotyping (and to our disappointment), only 8.6 percent of people have admitted they have had or currently have a similar hairstyle to their pet.

Photo of groomer and KoKo

KoKo looking glamorous – with my groomer Michelle

1,125 Australian pet owners responded to this survey in November 2016.

by Pawshake – a trusted community of pet lovers.

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Sunday Markets on Rokeby

The pet touching stall was the most popular event in Rokeby Rd. The looks on the kids faces was delightful. Ivy cuddled every animal while other girls had their faces painted so that they would look like an animal and get pats to.

Helen and KoKo

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Moving House – How to care for us doggies

Moving homes is exciting but stressful at the same time and it is pretty much the same for pets as well. Pets can easily get nervous or anxious during the moving period. Taylors Relocations offers this easy-to digest guide can help you to ensure that bringing your furry friend along for the ride is less stressful for everyone.

How to decrease stress and anxiety for your pets when moving house
How to decrease stress and anxiety for your pets when moving house


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Some more fun with benefits to the RSPCA

A Giant Ball Drop – at Doggies Day Out at Whiteman Park 1.00pm,

A raffle $5.00 each with a difference! 1,000 balls will be dropped from the sky, with 24 prizes up for grabs, plus a grand prize of a Houndstooth Studio pet photo shoot and $1,000 print pack.

Tickets  available for sale prior to the event so be sure to have your tickets before then!

contact Whiteman Park website.

KoKo Potter