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At the Pearly Gates

When I heard that Pope Francis (2014) had decreed that dogs are allowed in heaven I thought about writing a poem. My thanks go to my mate Koko red dog who wrote something very similar which I have part plagiarised. The poem is set somewhere in the future.

I stand at the gates of heaven

Making a fearful din

“I know my mum is in there ” I say

” You’d better let me in”


For years I’ve roamed Subiaco

From Rokeby Road to Townshend

Now that I have traced her to your gate

“You’d better let me in”


I’ve made friends with people who fed me

and those who took me into their home

to keep my little tummy full

and ensure I was not alone


I think I’ve done with walking

I’m tired and need a rest

I want my Mum to pat me,

in the haven of heaven would be best.