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Keep us doggies cool in Summer

Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool (courtesy of Wembley Vet Clinic)

  • Fresh water and shade are the most important things to provide relief from the heat.
  • Have 2 or more water bowls around the house in case one is knocked over.
  • Try filling small plastic paddling pools with fresh water.  Some dogs love to have a dip in the heat of the day and cool off.
  • Fill soft drink bottles with water and freeze them overnight then put it in the dog kennel.
  • Dogs will love to lay on them or lick them to keep cool
  • Hair cuts can also help to keep you long haired pets cool.  shaved to get rid of their thick coats
  • Dogs and cats cant sweat through the skin – only the pads on the feet and dogs pant to cool down
  • Fill up an ice cream container with water and add a little Vegemite to flavour it.  Pop in 1-2 dog treats.  Freeze overnight and then give it to your dog in the middle of the day – they love to lick the ice and will help keep them occupied.
Koko cool drink at the beach
Koko cool drink at the beach
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Tips on washing your dog so that you are still friends after.

KoKo's Bath at Barks in the Park
KoKo’s Bath at Barks in the Park








I found an informative article on the Underwater Dogs Blog today.

As you know from my earlier blogs, I don’t like having a bath. But with my adventurous nature and love of duck poo perfume from Subiaco Common, I’ve learned to just give in to the event, and not run away like I did when I was little.

These are a few of the clever hints that Underwater Dog Blogger Baccarat suggested I give to my Mum.

  • A Non-Slip Mat helps me more secure in the bath
  • If you mix some shampoo with water in a squishy bottle then it is easy to distribute evenly and means Mum does not have to keep getting more shampoo from the bottle.
  • I know you try not to get water in my ears Mum but Baccarat says you could put some cotton wool balls in to help keep them drier. This sounds a good idea to me.
  • When you clean my dirty paws, ears and bottom you might need to use shampoo straight from the bottle. The lovely Underwater Dogs shampoo takes all the smell away.
  • Mum, please don’t forget to use warm water and to start at my tail end before doing my sensitive face.
  • Of course you must not forget to rinse the shampoo thoroughly.
  • Always have a good supply of treats please, then I’ll be very good and won’t throw too much water over you.
  • Don’t forget to allow plenty of time for the massage.  Mmmmm, I just melt inside when you do those deep strokes down my back. Thank you Mum.
  • I prefer it when you dry me with an absorbent towel as the hairdryer is a bit noisy.
  • I might not like the process but I know you love how clean and shiny I look afterwards

Woofs Mum

Love from KoKo

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Dog Grooming

MUM! I asked you NOT to put these photos of me on my blog. I look spaced out and positively nasty!

KoKo June 2014
KoKo June 2014













Look what "Barks in the Park Grooming" did to my "so cute" face!!
Look what “Barks in the Park Grooming” did to my “so cute” face!!









And here are some other records of the trauma you put me through Mum.


I’m starting to wonder what is going on












Then I’m showered with water












And soaped all over

KoKoBath June2014_edited-1











Oh, the towel rub is nice












Can I go home now please?












Bother, it looks like the answer is no












This hair drying is starting to feel nice











My own “spin dry” cycle












Then I’m clean and fluffy again –

Thank you Barks in the Park Groomers!

Clean and fluffy again

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Keep Handsome

Koko BathTryptic copy

In the hot months of summer our daily routine is: Go for a walk, run, chase the ball, play with friends, swim at the beach, bath, dry, cuddle…. WHOOPS! Did I hear that word BATH??? Bye, I am out of here …! I don’t like being wet.

You can see from the photos that this time I did not get away. It is not all bad news though. After the bath there is the lovely towel rub massage. Then I am clean and fluffy again.

Every few months I need a professional haircut session and toe nail trim at the Wembley Vet Clinic. I shake in fear when I arrive as I remember that big bath and noisy hairdryer. Afterwards though when mum comes back to collect me I feel fresh and handsome again.

You may have noticed that sometimes I am white and other times I have apricot streaks. I have expensive tastes. It costs mum quite a lot to have Faye the Subiaco hairdresser put the streaks of colour into my white coat. I also need to visit Belinda at Bella Hart Beauty Shop in Rokeby Road if I have a special occasion to attend. Belinda paints my nails. You may think I am of vain and frivolous but I have a kind heart and gentle ways.


Ha! Ha! I tricked you! I am a boy dog. I don’t wear makeup. I only wear my blue collar and my blue hoody if it is frosty in winter. My hair just changes colour naturally in winter and spring.