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Back to Cliff Sadlier Park

This afternoon, just as the school kid were walking home, my mum and I took a walk at the big Subiaco Dog Park.

We had not been there since the nasty dog attacked me in Park St, as we are now both a little wary of bigger dogs.

Luckily we found that all the dogs were friendly and welcomed me back.

Of course as I had not been here is ages I found lots of WeeMails to catch up on.

I just ran from one bush, to another, then found a tree branch with a message.












My nifty nose detected a WeeMail on every post in the park.

I caught up on six weeks of gossip! You may notice I am wearing my Eagles Footy jacket.

It is starting get cooler in the evenings so I need a little extra coat.


We noticed that he City of Subiaco have built a new playground for the kids  and human babies. It looks like good fun.

I hope the rangers don’t fence me out, like they do at Mueller park.

Us dogs enjoy the challenge of the agility equipment – especially as it means treat!















Woof to all,

KoKo Harry Potter

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Dog Attack Subiaco: I’m better now, thank you, KoKo

Some of you may have seen the front page of the Post Community newspaper March 28th 2014. I am now an official Subiaco celebrity dog but for the wrong reasons. Mum and I were the victims of a savage attack by a German Shepherd who had escaped from his home. I won’t tell you the gory details as it was pretty scary for both of us. I don’t know who screamed louder – Mum or me.

KoKo Dog Bite Injury
KoKo Dog Bite Injury


Oh, My Back is so sore and bruised. You can see the nasty dog's teeth marks. He shook me as if he was killing a rat. I am very lucky that I survived. I think Mum's love for me provided me with the energy to recover
Oh, My Back is so sore and bruised. You can see the nasty dog’s teeth marks. He shook me as if he was killing a rat. I am very lucky that I survived. I think Mum’s love for me provided me with the energy to recover











Initially it was the deep bruising around my spine that gave me the most pain, and the nightmares both Mum and I had reliving the terrible experience. Gradually we are feeling less anxious when we go near the park. But it is hard to relax and enjoy ourselves as we used to. The big dog sits and glares at us from behind his iron fence.

KoKo Apprehensive

Three weeks later now my wounds are all healed although I have an impressive German Shepherd jaw impression on my back forever. I really hope they keep the gate locked solidly this time. I don’t want all my little friendly human kids to get attacked like me.

On a brighter note. I think the photo in my next post shows I am back to my cute, handsome, and happy self!

Take care, Love to all my doggie mates,

KoKo Potter

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My Buzzing Bee Story

Our lives are never boring. I can always make some excitement for my mum.

As we walked past the Park one summer’s evening, I thought, “I will just duck in for a quick slurp of cold water from that lovely bowl the council put there for me”. Later that evening at home I started to regret my decision. I was feeling woozy and my stomach was churning. Suddenly I threw up! All over mum’s carpet.

Mum cuddled me and asked what was wrong. Before I could tell her another burp gurgled up with the last of my dinner. Mum was very concerned. It was dark and Greg our vet was not at his clinic – what could we do?

Mum drove a long way up the freeway to a foreign suburb where there was another vet. By now, I was feeling clammy and shaky. I could barely open my eyes. My heart was racing. and I was very scared. Mum rushed me into the clinic.

The Vet suspected I had swallowed a bee that was drowning in the water bowl. He gave me a quick sting of antivenom to kill the poison that was now inside me. I had a little rest then I ran back to mum in the waiting room wagging my tail happily.  Mum was very happy to see I was OK.

Swallowing a buzzing bee

Cost Mum lots of fees

So now I always drink out of the tap

then go home to a happy nap!