Can you understand me?

Thanks to Dr Greg from Subiaco Vet for some more tips!

 When I wag my tail – I am smiling!  But, if my tail is high and wagging slowly, I am feeling confident and friendly, whereas if I hold my tail low and wag it rapidly, it means i am a little nervous.
 When I am scooting or dragging my bottom on the ground I am itchy and probably have blocked anal glands. Mum knows to take me to Dr Greg.
 Licking – Most common reasons for licking ourselves and other dogs is that they taste good, and we are trying to show affection
 WHen you arrive home and I bring you a toy I am giving you a gift that I think you will like. It is a sign of my affection.


Koko Nik Natanui

Thank you Greg for putting my photo in your newsletter. Everyone knows I am a keen Eagles supporter.

Congratulations to the Eagles on your win tonight!

I walked around the Subiaco oval tonight while the game was on, sending lots and lots of encouraging vibes to the Eagles players. It worked ! They won well and are off to Melbourne next week for the Grand Final. I hope they won’t miss my good luck as I have to stay in Perth.

These are some pKoko Eagle Fanhotos of me in my Eagles encouraging mode.






Me on teh verge stangling a tiger snake the day teh Eagles beat Richmond

Me on the verge stanggling a tiger snake the day the Eagles beat Richmond

Eagles Vandals pushing a tree down

Eagles pushing a tree down


                 Dead Eagles

Winter for a Dog

It’s winter. I can get cold and start shivering when I am sitting on my veranda.
I am usually waiting for my Mum to come home or for some kids and doggie mates to come past to say hello.
I need some winter woollies.
My neighbour Alma lovingly knitted me some stripy pajamas for cold winter nights, and I have my hoody for when it rains.
I wear my Eagles Jacket on football days when I sit outside to cheers the Eagles fans on their way to the football at Subiaco Oval.
Here I am imitating Nic Natanui while wearing my Eagles Jacket
Woofs From KoKo Potter

KoKo Potter's photo.

My Last Eagles Football Post

It’s been a fun year for me but a bit of a sad one for the West Coast Eagles. All the Blue and gold dressed fans passing my house on Footy days were cheerful and hopeful. But later on in the day when they trudged back to their cars they all looked a bit disappointed. I hope that next year the Eagles players are more energetic. I look forward to wearing blue and gold for the footy finals in 2014.

These boys were raising money for the Cancer Foundation. Of course I gave them my support!


For more footy tales see:

Subiaco Station Street Markets

Saturday is our day to walk down Rokeby Road to the Station Street Markets for Turkish Pide or Curry and Dahl from Pappadams. If in need of a sugar hit, we head straight for the French Patisserie for a crunchy croissant. Then Mum buys her nuts and muesli from Angry Almond and her fruit and veggies from one of the well-stocked stalls. I wait patiently as usual near the flower stall. (If you read my Love Blog you will see why I wait near the flowers!)

Recently a new stall selling thick creamy milk and yogurt has become my favourite. The woman is wonderful she always offers me a little cup of milk. “Woof, Woof? More please?” I ask politely looking up at her with my big brown glowing eyes and delightful smile.

  Station Street Markets SubiMarketsMilk B0001383

This is also where Mum bought my Eagles Jacket. Val measured me from nose to tail then around my fluffy middle so that the jacket would fit well. Of course I think I look pretty handsome on football days and it keeps me warm. What do you think?


A West Coast Eagles Blog


My day started well. Mum and I had a long walk in beautiful Kings Park then we sat among the flowers drinking our coffee.

When we arrived back home mum helped me put on my Eagles jacket as it was a footy day. We walked down to the Subi Oval (whoops I forgot the oval has a silly name now that i can’t remember) and padded around absorbing the atmosphere.


Lots and lots of people stopped to pat me and say “oh he is sooo… cute! (which of course I already knew).

Just for fun I even did a Nic Naitanui impersonation!


Usually I sit on the verge outside my house on footy days but as today was the Derby I thought maybe the Eagles needed me to be closer to the oval to bring them luck. I am happy to say it worked! When I left at half time they were winning.

I went home and had a little sleep on mum’s bed (please don’t tell her, she thought I was in my own bed). Later, when all the Eagles fans were slowly walking back to their cars looking sad I realised I should not have left – the Dockers ended up beating them again.

Maybe Next year will be better?


Eagles – A Footy Tale by KoKo



I can’t write about Subiaco without mentioning football.

Lots of footy fans who have driven to Subiaco walk past my house from their parked car to the oval. I enjoy the atmosphere. I think banning parking near the oval is a clever trick by the Council to make people healthier. Of course the really smart people catch the train or a bus.

I sit out on my verge so that I can be a part of the fun. As you can see I wear my Eagles coat. The Eagles are Subiaco’s football team but you probably already knew that.


The people dressed in blue and gold stop to say hello and give me a pat. I am very popular. After the game some of the people are quiet and sad but they smile and pat me again.

One day we had a very special football day. The Eagles were playing the Richmond Tigers. Richmond is Mum’s team – she comes from Victoria. Mum told me that the Richmond Club theme song is “Eat ‘Em Alive!”  So when the Eagles beat the Tigers I sat on the verge eating my toy Tiger Snake (who had on a yellow and black stripped sock and hat)!  Everyone thought it was very funny. Mum was not happy.

Eagles Tigers

The next Sunday morning we had quite as surprise. As I jumped out of mum’s car in Roberts Rd, I sprinted into Mueller Park and found myself running through a flock of “Dead Eagles! They looked very tired, maybe beating the other team by ten goals the previous day was too much for them.

Then, after I had chased my ball and run with my friends, I turned around and look what I saw! Four of the Eagles had come alive again and were trying to push this poor tree down. Mr. Ranger there are vandals in the park. Where are you when I need you?

The Eagles have not flown very well in 2013. If I was a poor fan I might think about wearing a purple and white coat to support the Dockers next year.

(I am just joking!!)

Come on The Eagles!