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Mum and I often go to Sunday@SubiConcerts, provided by the City of Subiaco, at Lake Jualbup, Subiaco Theatre Gardens and the JH Abrahams Reserve.

In Summer, lots of dogs go with their families to listen to City of Subiaco free concerts at the parks. Of course, there is lots of food around so our owners have to watch we do not sneak over to someone else’s picnic rug. It is very tempting when food is at ground level.

We sometimes go to JH Abraham Reserve in Crawley or to Lake Jualbup. There is lots of space for people to spread their picnic rugs out. You can guess why I think that it is very exciting!

Mum has to keep a very firm hold on my lead or I would jump over everyone’s baskets, tear through the chicken dishes, do a “run and grab” sausage streak then lick up all the pate! If I did this then afterwards I would have to lie down with a fat and taut tummy and have a well deserved rest.

In winter the concerts are held inside so I stay at home and sulk while mum enjoys the music. Mum said that I missed a great concert when Jane Germain and The Lazy Boys played bluegrass music the other week. Jane and the LazyBoys have a Utube of their latest single. You can check it out on:

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RD Park Kids Parties

Koko up close copy


It was a beautiful sunny day today so I spent some time just sitting in the park relaxing. The neighbourhood girls were there too so I got lots of pats as usual. Suddenly I was overwhelmed by a chirpy mass of nine-year old girls who were having a birthday party. They were all dressed up like the Mad Hatter’s characters and had funny painted faces.They were having fun.

Of course what I was really more interested in was their sausage rolls and little juicy meat pies!

Unfortunately I discovered that nine-year old girls are not as messy as three-year olds are when they are having a party so there was little for me to find to eat. Mum did ask if she could have just one sausage roll so that I could do my tricks for the girls. I got lots of pats afterwards. I was very popular!

Just as they were leaving the park this fancy car turned up. It had a very musical horn.

Car Smart copy