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Sunday at Subi – A tour through Subi Oval

This was one Sunday walk which I was not allowed to go on. As it turned out it was a very hot day and I was glad to stay home and sleep and let my human Mum go by herself. About 90 others joined her!
Marion gave her usual informative talk on the history of the oval.

These are a few of the kids who were delighted to have a kick on the hallowed ground.


Subi-Oval-Kids on tour
Subi-Oval-Kids on tour

SubiOval2015-17 SubiOval2015-18 SubiOval2015-19_edited-1























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A wise old owl sat in a Tea Tree

A little human called Lucy lead us to a secret new friend this evening at Subiaco Common.

It was hiding in a scruffy treeĀ  looking very fluffy and content.

Mum told me it was a very wise bird called an owl. They are birds that sit and watch and think. They don’t run around leaping from one thing to another like dogs do (I think Mum was referring to my hyperexcitability!)

Here is a photo Mum took of it. I wondered what was on its mind.

Owl 1










And here I am later dancing for a bit of cheese!

A group of school kids were having a picnic.

As usual I could not resist looking for food scraps under their table then pestering them for a little treat.

My cute looks and deep brown hungry eyes always convince them to give in!!

KoKo Dancing_edited-1