World breaking news about KoKo (that’s me!)

Excerpt from a UK blog …”
Just a few weeks ago we launched our competition to find the trendiest pet in honour of National Pet Week, and it went global!
It was hard choosing a winner, but after much deliberation we crowned Koko as Trendlistr’s Trendiest Pet!
Image may contain: dog
Not only does Koko look good, he also likes to help other dogs in need – he wore this outfit when he was delivering dog food, beds and water to dogs who were sadly made homeless by a bushfire in his native Perth.
Trendlistr founder Louisa Rogers said ‘We were so impressed with all the entries received for the competition. It was so hard to pick a winner, but in the end, it had to be KoKo, because his story is a true testament to the age old saying that “a dog is a man’s best friend.'”
KoKo will receive a personalised goody bag as a reward for his bravery and style, while his owner, Helen, will be rewarded with a cash prize as a thank you for sharing her adorable picture with us.”
Wow, What a bark! I’m thrilled to be an International star.
Of course, Mum Helen is not happy because she thought my head was swollen enough already!
Woofs from KoKo🐾🐾

Shenton Park Dog Refuge Open Day







It was a lovely sunny Sunday and I expected my mum to take me somewhere special. Instead she said “I’ll see you later KoKo” as she climbed in to her car.

“How dare she leave me here”, I thought, as I stood with my hackles raised and my teeth gritted. Here I am alone on the veranda while she is out somewhere having fun. I am used to doing everything with her.

Later I discovered mum went to the Shenton Park Dog Refuge’s Open Day. Surely a place I would have been welcome to visit?

Over I go A small jump for a big dog

Apparently mum wanted to take photos of the clever dogs showing off their skills at the Agility Course. She thought I would distract her. Also, as I was a prize winner in the previous weekend’s Wanneroo Dog’s Talent Competition, Mum thought I should let other dogs have a turn. “Fair enough Mum”, I contemplated later. I will in future think before I activate my bark.

Great Reward! Just sitting looking pretty 


I felt wonderfully relaxed just looking at this doggie having a massage.

Look what a massage can do

I said to Mum in a stern voice, “Woof, Woof, … Mum, take me to the Open day next year”  KoKo

Whoops I forgot to say “Please!”

Wanneroo Dog Breakfast – KoKo’s Win.

 KoKo Entrant

We had an exciting day today. Mum decided we would go to Wanneroo to check out their Dog Breakfast.

All the way up the freeway my little brain cells were sending tingling messages to my taste buds. I hoped that BBQ sausages were waiting for me.

 Second Prize First Prize Third Prize

Just as we arrived the organisers were closing the Dog Talent Competition List. Mum and I had a quick consultation and we decided we would have fun showing off my tricks. We thought some of the bigger dogs might have been practising but we had nothing to lose. We were allocated No 15 at the tail end of the queue (I hope you did not miss my little joke!).

Surprisingly I was not nervous. I knew mum had some tasty treats in her pocket and, as you know, I never miss out on food.

When it was my turn I did a quick dance then chose which of mum’s hand held a treat. As I showed the judges how I could I go under and over mum’s legs, they clapped lots.

KoKo Over Under

Afterwards we sat quietly in the shade to hear the results. It was my first ever stage performance. A less confident dog may have been expecting the wooden spoon prize, but a silly dog who ignored every one of his owners commands won it.

The judges read out the name of the dog for third place, then named me as SECOND PRIZE WINNER! Wow I thought “I am sooo.. clever” Then a different thought entered my little brain – Maybe Mum, my trainer, deserved some praise too.  So I gave her a slippery kiss on her ear.

After posing for a photo I unwrapped my prize to find some wearable and edible goodies.

There were lots of stalls with give aways and free health checks. This local Vet gave me a cuddle and checked my teeth – I passed with flying colours! His teeth look pretty good too.

KoKo Vet Waneroo

Subiaco “Walk Over October”









Yet another opportunity for self promotion presented itself to me. It was the “Walk Over October” energetic stroll around Subiaco. I love participating in community events.

On our way to Lord’s Sports centre for the walk  we stopped for a Puppicino at the new Rokeby Rd cafe called 1982. The cafe did not have a dog bowl outside so I asked very politely for a little cool drink. The owner bought me out a special cup of water just for me. That’s good service. I will have to make mum stop there again. (The coffee was pretty tasty too.)

We were asked to wear red for the Heart Foundation so you can see that I complied! I was pretending to be a Firedog. Of course everyone thought I was “Sooo…cute. My coat and hat were a little bit hot so I discarded them as soon as the photo opportunity was over.

We were meant to walk four kilometres, but even with the hope of good food treats at the end I could not finish.

I am sad to say my little paws were being burnt by the hot pavement. We had to take a short cut home. I hope that next year they have the walk a little earlier in the day so it is not so warm.

Mum told me later that I had missed out on banana cake and free coffee. Boy was I annoyed with her! I’m sure, due to my absence, she was able to have triple serves of cake.

Before I forget, I must tell you that my mum won a City of Subiaco prize for walking to work in September. Our photo was on an email with the other winners Mark Elliott and Jessie White and Ray White.

Helen Koko Prize






KoKo’s Doggie Holiday!

KokoBeachPawPrints copy Koko cool drink copy

Please accept my apologies for not posting any news the last week. I have been leaving lots of Weemails on the beach and paths in Mandurah but without Woof-Fi they did not reach you.

Are you wondering why I am not hanging out sipping Puppicinos at my favourite Subiaco Cafes? Well, I am on holidays with my friends Bro and Bonnie and their humans John and Alison. We are called “The Three Amigos” when we are together as we share lots of exciting adventures.

Three Amingos 2012 copy





Where is my mum? She tells me that she is a long long way away in a place called Indonesia. She is having fun snorkeling in warm waters, photographing fish and corals. I was not sure what the word snorkeling meant and photographs of two signs she sent me saying “Good senorkeling here” ” Please do not break the fish”  did not help me at all.

Then Mum used two words I know well:  “Swim” and “Beach”. Now I could picture myself rushing down the sandy slope to soak my paws and tummy in the cool ocean in summer. Mum says I am an “armpit” swimmer as I refuse to put my head or back under the water!

These are photos of some dogs that really enjoy frolicking in the sea.

  ActionBeach Dog_edited-1 Leg Synchrony_edited-1

MPBeachDog3   Beach-Dogs-Cott-52WatchDogBest  Best Cavalier 521

Even though my mum is back in Subiaco I have been having such a fun time here in Mandurah that i am going to stay a few more days. (Don’t worry Mum, I still love you and will be back home with you soon).


Old Friends – RD Park


Tina and Tags were resting in the park while their Dad Jim was working in his garden. I had not seen them for a while apart from quick meetings as we crossed paths on our morning walks. I may not recognise them next week as they are having their very furry coats cut off for summer.

Their was also a family in the park who used to live nearby and are again living in Subiaco. Alexander and Nicolas were having fun on the swings but stopped to give me a pat.



CS Park Dogs October



As Mum and I had been eating a bit too much during the cold winter weather we thought we should spend more time at Daglish’s big CS Sadlier Park. There is lots of space to run around in, trees to leave Weemails at, and little patches of native gardens that I can romp through and hide from Mum.

The added benefit is The Agility Equipment supplied by the City of Subiaco. I weave my way through the hanging ropes, jump over the low yellow bars and run though the big yellow tunnel. Some of my mates love running up the steep ramp and up and through the big green hoop but I am only a little dog so I stick to what I can manage.



Jack, Fred and I are the official Park Dog Whisperers!


These three mates were having a vigorous play


While Ned and Kelly needed a rest after they had been  racing around as usual.


Koko Kelpie (Red Dog)

When My Mum is at her work and I have lots of time to contemplate, I slip into my KoKo ShakesPaw invisible coat and think about a poem I could write. At times ideas flood over me like water over the edge of a dam on a rainy day. Other days my mind stays empty of inspiration just like a desert waiting for a sprig of grass to grow.

I was inspired by seeing the film Red Dog (about my neighbour Koko The Kelpie) to write this next poem. I have just changed the words a bit. It might be what humans call plagiarism but I call it dogerism.

At the Pearly Gates

(Inspired by a RED DOG Poem)

I stood at the gates of heaven

Making a fearful din.

“I know my Mum is in there” I said

“So you’d better let me in.”

For years I’ve roamed Subiaco

From Rokeby Road to Townshend.

Now that I have traced her to your gate

“You’d better let me in.”

I’ve made friends with people who fed me

and those who took me into their home

to keep my little tummy full

and ensure I was not alone.

I think I’m done with walking.

I am tired and need a rest.

I want my Mum to pat me

in the haven of heaven would be best.

I was the best known celebrity dog called KoKo in Subiaco until 2011. Then Koko the Kelpie (RED DOG) moved in to Park Street. Koko was my first Facebook friend. I wish I had asked for his pawgraph. Koko thought he was a bigger celebrity than me just because millions of people have seen his film and he has won lots of awards for his acting. I actually loved his film, especially the fight scene with the cat. Wow! That was exciting! One day I will be famous too.

Sadly KoKo Kelpie died last year at the age of only seven.





                                    Koko ShakesPaw

Canine Commandments


I would like to encourage you to become a dog parent. There is no greater feeling than waking up next to the one you love (especially if it is a cuddly loyal dog).

However, please think about it carefully. What will you do when you go on holidays? Can you afford to look after us with love and care if we become ill?

If you decide to become a dog parent please buy a pre-owned dog. Ask one of my friends at the refuge if they would like to share your home. They will be very grateful. Most of my Subiaco friends have been adopted from the refuge.

There are always dogs looking for homes often due to no fault of their own. They just need some love and a stable household.

I feel very sad for the 250,000 cats and dogs that are put to sleep every year in Australia. Please ask your owners to register and microchip you so this does not happen.

Ruff Rules for Re-Homing a Dog

To ensure life runs smoothly sometimes we need to make rules. If you are considering becoming a dog owner please keep these thoughts in mind. Dogs are not a disposable accessory. Your new dog will become part of your family and will love and be loyal to you forever.

Canine Commandments

“Once you take me into your home I will always be part of your family “

“I am very loyal and will feel sad and lost if you decide to give me away”

“Please take time each day to enjoy me. I will help you be happy and healthy”

“Take care of me when I grow old. You too will grow old and grumpy and need support”

“Please go with me on difficult journeys (like the vet)! It is easier for me if you are there”

“If you ask me to do something please give me time to understand what you want”

“Do not be angry with me if I do not respond quickly. I may be feeling ill or tired”

“Remember that you are my best friend and I will always love you”

RD Park

  RDParkKevin Cat Reggie FC RDParkMolly3

Next to the park two dogs, little old Molly and quiet Kevin the Collie, sit on their veranda. They see everyone and can tell us the best gossip. Their owners also have two rabbits and a cat called Reggie. Reggie sometimes hides from me in the ivy then gives me a fright. (I am scared of cats after my neighbour Helen’s cat Mia bailed me up in a corner when I was just a little puppy).

Arriving at RD Park

Once I have safely crossed to the other side of Park Street I run into Richard Diggins Park. All the kids, yell “KoKo!” and come rushing over to play. They are mostly girls – Kate, Rose, Jessica, Annabel, Leisha, Clare, Isabella, Sophia, Poppy and May May. Then there is Michael, Emris from Belgium and Jack and James from England, all kicking their football around. When I give the girls a lick on the ear. They think I am kissing them and they giggle.

The first thing I have to do after I say hello to the kids is say, “Excuse me, please”. I run off deep into the jungle of ivy to go to the Weetrees. The kids know not to look because this is a private thing to do. Then I leap and jump over the plants with my little springy legs and rush out to have fun. Everyone laughs and plays.

(Like many dogs I have a strange compulsion to walk in three circles before I toilet.

If you know why please send a message to my blog (or if you are a dog,

just leave a Weemail on the Jacaranda near Lord’s Sports Centre).

Mum has taught me that it is polite to share, so I let each kid walk me on my lead. I also let the kids turn the tap on for me so I can have a long, cool drink. Of course I could drink out of the water bowl like other dogs, but I like pretending that I need them to help me. One day you can see from the photo that I decided to try some eye drops for fun.

There are lots of babies and young kids at the park. I do not want them to be afraid of dogs like my mum was. So wherever I am I give away my smiles. There are so many inside me I can be generous.

There are many people at the park who are new to Subiaco. Sometimes I see them for a few days and then they disappear. I hear they are called FIFOs! Not to be confused with UFOs which are the sparkling things we see in the night sky sometimes. Or maybe they are called stars?

If none of my friends are in the park I just wander through the bushes. Or I might chase my shadow. It grows long and skinny then suddenly short and fat. It amazes me how it moves and I can’t catch it. When I feel tired I just sit and think. Sometimes I just sit. My friend, Eric, who teaches meditation, thinks more people should be like me. Mindfulness is another skill more humans could use when they are in the park. Then they would all be less stressed.

At times after too much sitting I get fidgety again so I have a smell around the park looking for Weemails. Which of my mates has been here today? Are there any new dogs visiting? Of course I am always on the lookout for food scraps. When I am very, very lucky I find a bit of leftover sausage from someone’s BBQ! My belly taut and full is a feeling most wonderful.

I don’t mean to be dogmatic, but I don’t know any other animal on earth who loves a BBQ sausage as much as I do.

One day I tried some eye drops for fun.