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“KoKo’s Tales – A Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

My book is coming soon!!!

Launch date hopefully February 22 2019 –

My 13th birthday.

Please leave your comment and contact if you are interested.

In my book, I tell tales based on my daily life and adventures around the streets and lanes of Subiaco.

I talk to my dog mates via wee-mails on wee-trees.

I’ll let you into some secret snippets over the next weeks

Woofs in excitement KoKo

koko yogurt tasting
KoKo Tongue
Yes it’s a big tongue KoKo
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Playing in RD Park

KoKO Up close2-316.jpg

Here I am yelling my delight at being free in my favourite Richard Diggins Park. Please don’t tell Mr Ranger!

I am a very good doggie and I need to have my lead off to play with the kids. When they see me nearing the park they all yell out “Hi KoKo! Come and play with us”

Woofs to my neighbours KoKo

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On WeeMails and WeePlies by KoKo

PAWdon me for this post, but I heard some barking around the dog park yesterday and found out a few bits of gossip. Hee, Hee! You will have to call in to Subiaco Centro Dog Park to read my WeeMails to discover the secrets! I am usually there on Friday nights to leave some new updates and read any WeePlies from my doggie mates. KoKoSniffingDec2015-16

Woofs from KoKo Harry Potter.
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Staying Cool in 40 degrees

Subiaco Centro Dog Park is a haven in summer. We love the little stream that runs through the park. It is shallow and cool and full of leaves.

Luckily for me , it is also close to the BBQs! So I snuffle around hoping for some dropped left overs. Finding none, I then roll over and over in some smelly duck poo. Mum groans, but she feels it is worth for me to feel l cooler and less grumpy. She likes to dangle her feet in the cool stream too. The City Subiaco look after us well. Here are some of Friday’s playing doggies.

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What we do on a hot night at Subi Centro Park

The City of Subiaco provides us with a little stream to cool our hot tummies. Our Mums are not happy though, as we are green and black with algae and mud when we get out! Not deterred we roll in the grass and shake off the excess before we jump in the car to go home.

Smithy going home after his swim
Smithy going home after his swim
KoKo cooling in wet grass
KoKo hiding his black tummy from his Mum in the wet grass
A cool Piper
A refreshed Piper


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Animal Companions Xmas party Cliff Sadlier Park Daglish

Leigh - Animal Physiotherapist
             Leigh – Animal Physiotherapist
Leigh - Animal Physiotherapist
 Leigh – Animal Physiotherapist

It was great to have an expert on doggie joint and muscle problems at the Animal Companions Xmas party. We got some useful tips on how to treat my new mate Digby’s ballet plie legs.

Woofs from KoKo







My Mum Helen also took photos of some cute doggies. Here are a few.

A Great Dane towering over everyone
A Great Dane towering
Good friends
             Good friends
Mr Truffles in his bright disguise
Mr Truffles in his bright disguise
Resting quietly
              Resting quietly
A noisy run around doggie
     A noisy run around doggie


Big and the little dogs
     Big and the little dogs










A little KoKo lookalike and a friend
           A little KoKo lookalike and a friend







Under the hands of the animal physio
      Under the hands of the animal physio
What a lovely hair cut
      What a lovely hair cut
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Whiteman Park Doggie Day Out – KoKo’s Report

Well, we arrived in the middle of a very hot day as my Mum Helen wanted to play golf first.

There were lots of stalls and information about training doggies to be better behaved. Mum thinks we should have spent more time there.

Here is a list of the less enjoyable things, then a longer list of what I enjoyed;

  • It was too hot
  • Mum was rushing around too much
  • We did not win any of the raffles
  • For a gold coin donation I tackled the circuit course, but was overheated and I was not in the mood.
  • I ran around every object then found a little muddy patch to cool my paws and tummy.
  • With my usual barrage of loud barking distracting my Mum when we arrived at Whiteman Park, she did not realise she had left the car lights on. A very nice RAC guy drove all the way from Perth to help us out.

The good fun bits!

  • Mum bought me  a long overdue new red collar and a matching lead with very colourful paws on it
  • My blank gold name tag is now a bright green and silver one with my name and phone number on it (in case I go on one of my solo adventures.)
  • A little doggie relative did not like his ice-cream so he generously let me lick it all up – it was lovely and creamy and cool.
  • Mum let me have a BBQ sausage after I did my tricks for a few other dogs – my repertoire was impressive.
  • I naughtily stole two more sausages from some human picnics – they were yummy.
  • Mum said that I was “a pig” and she would not give me any dinner.
  • I am not really a pig – I am just a doggie who can’t say no to a BBQ sausage!

Overall it was a fun day. We have a photo to prove it, but you will have to wait until tomorrow to see it. Woofs from KoKo