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Promises, Promises – that’s all I hear.

WaitingKokovia Daily Prompt: Promises

Each morning my human Mum Helen promises me we will go for a walk soon. Then she gets into the shower,then dresses. When she sits down to eat her breakfast I remind her of her promise. “Bark, Bark, Bark” I yell. She says “Just wait please KoKo, we will go for a walk soon.”

Eventually, she lets me escape out the front door and follows to put my lead on. “We are going for a walk KoKo. You will meet lots of doggies and can read some exciting new Weemails left by your doggie mates” she says.

My tail wags back and forth, back and forth, as my grin spreads across my furry face. The thought of a walk excites me.

Then Mum goes back inside the house saying “I will just hang the washing out KoKo then we will go for a walk.” Promises, promises, I mutter as I sniff my empty breakfast bowl.

“Woof, Woof” I yell  “Come and give me my food Mum!” Finally, she appears again at the front door, puts my food in a bowl and makes another promise. “We will go for a walk soon KoKo.”

But then she goes back inside again calling out “I have to get my keys KoKo.” I sink down flat on the veranda. Will she forget her promise and leave me here pining for adventure?

No, here she is at last, we are running out the gate and around to the park.

Promises are meant to be kept. Sometimes we doggies just have to be patient.

Happy Woofs from KoKo.