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Dogs getting older

Now that I am ten my Mum keeps finding articles about aging dogs. I don’t feel old! I still run on the beach and look for exciting Weemails on seaweed and rocks. I must admit I don’t run at the park as much, and do spend more time sitting contemplating.

“Old dogs like old shoes are comfortable. They might be a little worn around the edges but they fit well”  Bonnie Wilcox

Senior dog Rooney waiting quietly at Melograno Cafe Subiaco
Senior dog Rooney waiting quietly at Melograno Cafe Subiaco





Older dog Waiting
Slightly senior Berkeley










Last Sunday Mum organised a party at Richard Diggins Park. She left Digby and I at home as she thought we might be a  bit of trouble with lots of kids around. Some of the kids asked where we were so we went around later to play with them. Here are some photos of Mayor Henderson and Ex Mayor Richard Diggins (whom our little park is named after).

James, Lucy, Julie ,Sheila, Alma, Richard, Helen
James, Lucy, Julie , Sheila, Alma, Richard, Helen and the How Now Coffee Van

Basil and children
Basil and children

RD Park
RD Park

Richard, Alma,, Heather and Helen RD Park
Richard, Alma, Heather and Helen RD Park

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Dog Attack Subiaco: I’m better now, thank you, KoKo

Some of you may have seen the front page of the Post Community newspaper March 28th 2014. I am now an official Subiaco celebrity dog but for the wrong reasons. Mum and I were the victims of a savage attack by a German Shepherd who had escaped from his home. I won’t tell you the gory details as it was pretty scary for both of us. I don’t know who screamed louder – Mum or me.

KoKo Dog Bite Injury
KoKo Dog Bite Injury


Oh, My Back is so sore and bruised. You can see the nasty dog's teeth marks. He shook me as if he was killing a rat. I am very lucky that I survived. I think Mum's love for me provided me with the energy to recover
Oh, My Back is so sore and bruised. You can see the nasty dog’s teeth marks. He shook me as if he was killing a rat. I am very lucky that I survived. I think Mum’s love for me provided me with the energy to recover











Initially it was the deep bruising around my spine that gave me the most pain, and the nightmares both Mum and I had reliving the terrible experience. Gradually we are feeling less anxious when we go near the park. But it is hard to relax and enjoy ourselves as we used to. The big dog sits and glares at us from behind his iron fence.

KoKo Apprehensive

Three weeks later now my wounds are all healed although I have an impressive German Shepherd jaw impression on my back forever. I really hope they keep the gate locked solidly this time. I don’t want all my little friendly human kids to get attacked like me.

On a brighter note. I think the photo in my next post shows I am back to my cute, handsome, and happy self!

Take care, Love to all my doggie mates,

KoKo Potter

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RD Park

  RDParkKevin Cat Reggie FC RDParkMolly3

Next to the park two dogs, little old Molly and quiet Kevin the Collie, sit on their veranda. They see everyone and can tell us the best gossip. Their owners also have two rabbits and a cat called Reggie. Reggie sometimes hides from me in the ivy then gives me a fright. (I am scared of cats after my neighbour Helen’s cat Mia bailed me up in a corner when I was just a little puppy).

Arriving at RD Park

Once I have safely crossed to the other side of Park Street I run into Richard Diggins Park. All the kids, yell “KoKo!” and come rushing over to play. They are mostly girls – Kate, Rose, Jessica, Annabel, Leisha, Clare, Isabella, Sophia, Poppy and May May. Then there is Michael, Emris from Belgium and Jack and James from England, all kicking their football around. When I give the girls a lick on the ear. They think I am kissing them and they giggle.

The first thing I have to do after I say hello to the kids is say, “Excuse me, please”. I run off deep into the jungle of ivy to go to the Weetrees. The kids know not to look because this is a private thing to do. Then I leap and jump over the plants with my little springy legs and rush out to have fun. Everyone laughs and plays.

(Like many dogs I have a strange compulsion to walk in three circles before I toilet.

If you know why please send a message to my blog (or if you are a dog,

just leave a Weemail on the Jacaranda near Lord’s Sports Centre).

Mum has taught me that it is polite to share, so I let each kid walk me on my lead. I also let the kids turn the tap on for me so I can have a long, cool drink. Of course I could drink out of the water bowl like other dogs, but I like pretending that I need them to help me. One day you can see from the photo that I decided to try some eye drops for fun.

There are lots of babies and young kids at the park. I do not want them to be afraid of dogs like my mum was. So wherever I am I give away my smiles. There are so many inside me I can be generous.

There are many people at the park who are new to Subiaco. Sometimes I see them for a few days and then they disappear. I hear they are called FIFOs! Not to be confused with UFOs which are the sparkling things we see in the night sky sometimes. Or maybe they are called stars?

If none of my friends are in the park I just wander through the bushes. Or I might chase my shadow. It grows long and skinny then suddenly short and fat. It amazes me how it moves and I can’t catch it. When I feel tired I just sit and think. Sometimes I just sit. My friend, Eric, who teaches meditation, thinks more people should be like me. Mindfulness is another skill more humans could use when they are in the park. Then they would all be less stressed.

At times after too much sitting I get fidgety again so I have a smell around the park looking for Weemails. Which of my mates has been here today? Are there any new dogs visiting? Of course I am always on the lookout for food scraps. When I am very, very lucky I find a bit of leftover sausage from someone’s BBQ! My belly taut and full is a feeling most wonderful.

I don’t mean to be dogmatic, but I don’t know any other animal on earth who loves a BBQ sausage as much as I do.

One day I tried some eye drops for fun.


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Fun at RD Park


As it was a lovely sunny Saturday I asked mum to take me to my favourite Subiaco park – Richard Diggins Park in Park St. My neighbours Archie and Emily were there and they helped me play with my new purple Freo Dockers monster toy.

Then some new kids turned up. There was Sally and her children Datsy and Rely from South Korea, which is a very very long way from Australia. The girls patted and stroked me and giggled with joy. I hope I meet them in the park again.

Image Image

We also met Celine and her Dad, and her brother Timur who was kicking a football around and pretending to be a Freo Docker.

Image Image

After I had done my social bit I ran around the park burning up some energy. Why you might ask? Well the girls who live on the corner of Park St had baked some muffins to raise money for the Cat Haven. The cakes had  purple icing and smarties on them. Mum, being her usual stingy self when it comes to my treats, meant to give me just a little bit but she accidently dropped the muffin. Before she could even say ” Oh No!” i had gobbled it all up! It was yummy.