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Shenton Park Dog Refuge Open Day







It was a lovely sunny Sunday and I expected my mum to take me somewhere special. Instead she said “I’ll see you later KoKo” as she climbed in to her car.

“How dare she leave me here”, I thought, as I stood with my hackles raised and my teeth gritted. Here I am alone on the veranda while she is out somewhere having fun. I am used to doing everything with her.

Later I discovered mum went to the Shenton Park Dog Refuge’s Open Day. Surely a place I would have been welcome to visit?

Over I go A small jump for a big dog

Apparently mum wanted to take photos of the clever dogs showing off their skills at the Agility Course. She thought I would distract her. Also, as I was a prize winner in the previous weekend’s Wanneroo Dog’s Talent Competition, Mum thought I should let other dogs have a turn. “Fair enough Mum”, I contemplated later. I will in future think before I activate my bark.

Great Reward! Just sitting looking pretty 


I felt wonderfully relaxed just looking at this doggie having a massage.

Look what a massage can do

I said to Mum in a stern voice, “Woof, Woof, … Mum, take me to the Open day next year”  KoKo

Whoops I forgot to say “Please!”