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Cottesloe Beach – KoKo

KoKo at CottesloeA Summer’s Tale


KoKo ShakesPaw


I felt the sharpness 

Of scorched grass blades

And scratchy weeds,

Where there was no shade.


I baked in an oven

Or an east wind blast,

Craving to find some

Cool water at last.

Bright burning glare,

Sweaty poor sleep,

Dry, dusty mouth,

Poor burnt feet!


Mum, Cottesloe Beach,

Can’t we go there please?

With our bathers and towels

To enjoy the cool breeze?

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What we do on a hot night at Subi Centro Park

The City of Subiaco provides us with a little stream to cool our hot tummies. Our Mums are not happy though, as we are green and black with algae and mud when we get out! Not deterred we roll in the grass and shake off the excess before we jump in the car to go home.

Smithy going home after his swim
Smithy going home after his swim
KoKo cooling in wet grass
KoKo hiding his black tummy from his Mum in the wet grass
A cool Piper
A refreshed Piper